Rest and Ice might be slowing down healing

boxHave you ever encountered someone got injured what do I do? The usual answer to that is the R.I.C.E protocol. The rest, ice, compress and elevate protocol. Is this really improving the body’s ability to heal itself? This protocol or the “no brainer” response to injury has been questioned a lot throughout the past years and has been even been taught to increase healing time. The rest and ice parts are usually the questionable parts of the R.I.C.E protocol,

The thing with the studies specially about the resting the injury is that, people who rested are worst off than those who have undergone early exercise. The main problem with this is that more often than not an average person would not be able to determine how much exercise is good for the injury as this is practically changing how first aid is delivered. First aid being everyone is able to do this to anyone who is injured. Some researchers have even recommended early loading so as to decrease healing time. This is pretty much theoretically sound since basically you are dealing with the bodies supply chain. Getting the injured parts out of an organic machine so as to allow it to be repaired faster is pretty much the reason why this would work. So as to explain it better once and injury happens it triggers ad increase in blood and lymph to the area as such the area when there is no movement causes a clog of some sort so that the influx of nutrients and out flux of damaged parts are limited. This causes a delay in healing as having damaged parts replaced earlier is better so as to get the machine working again.

As for the ice in the past people used to presume that inflammation is bad as such it should be prevented. This has been proven by today’s science to not be true and would even appear to slow down healing and would only work as an analgesic so as to allow a person to at least work or move a bit since as of now they are trying to get rest of the equation. So researchers usually recommend ice with loading.

One of the things that the researchers tried to put together to replace R.I.C.E is the P.Ol.I.C.E.  Police is Protection, Optimal Loading, Ice, Compress and elevation. Some researchers taught that this might be better than R.I.C.E but who knows this might or might not replace rice in the future.

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