Feeling good does more than just help you psychologically

There is now another reason to celebrate events such as Christmas, and it is more than just for the gatherings. As we probably know feeling good does a word of good for the body. Primarily keeping the person sane and able to function in their day to day activities such as preparing meals and working….

I went to the 37th Manila International Book fair

Hi so I went to the 37th Manila International Book fair. For those who are unfamiliar with the event this is what I think is a yearly book fair which has been happening for 37 years. I basically just made the title of the event longer but this is the long version of the title….


I think we are all aware of the recent events in the rehab world. I would just like to put out my views regarding the matter. Also I will be putting a general disclaimer as this would be putting out my thoughts about this matter and I would not be putting this though out on…

My New Zealand Story

I am Ivan Cristobal an occupational therapist of the Philippines and one of the first people to integrate manual therapy and osteopathy in occupational therapy practice in the Philippines and this is my story, my New Zealand Story. My New Zealand story starts way back 2014 where I have been attending those events in which…