I created this blog so as to be able to share my insights on things primarily Allied medical things in nature. As you all know there are a lot of allied medical blogs out there as of the moment but I will be focusing on osteopathy, manual therapy and health management things. As of the moment osteopathy has been present for a long time but it seems like that it is as of now not that well know and is usually compared to a near and more famous cousin. As such feel free to go through my blogs enjoy the wonders of allied medicine.


Who is the The Manual OT?

Ivan Cristobal is a Occupational Therapist who graduated as a occupational therapist from the University of Santo Tomas( UST Philippines) in 2011. He has been working with clients with musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction. Having an interest in improving his therapeutic skills to further help the clients he has been studying different therapeutic systems and ways to better improve the healthcare system.



Registered Occupational Therapist of the Philippines (2012)(University of Santo Tomas)

Diplomate Osteopathic Manipulation Theory and Practice (Osteopathic College of Ontario Canada)

Graduate Diploma in Manipulative Therapy ( Goodrum Papahotis Seminars )

Diploma in Health (Applied Management) ( New Zealand Institute of Education)


Email Address: manualoccthy@gmail.com


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