Seasonal pain

stressful-eventDecember is the time for a lot of things. It’s time for Christmas, parties, morning services, puto- bumbong, gifts and extra expenses. Aside for that for therapist especially for the freelance ones it means one thing. We have less clients specifically for the reason of needing extra cash for something more important. Anyway moving forward and leaving the sarcastic jokes aside. What is the most apparent thing that appears during Christmas? Here’s a few hint during Christmas our friends lines, sales and traffic appears. So what is the most apparent thing that happens during Christmas? Our best friend stress would like to stay over for the holidays as well.

The thing to take note of during this article is that stress isn’t exactly all bad. These things are things that are needed so as to help us progress as people, professional and as human beings. Stress pushes us to be a better version of ourselves during desperate breakneck situation. Stress itself becomes problematic once it appears for prolonged periods of time such as for the whole month of December.

Among all things that are affected by stress the most notable parts of the body affected by this is stress, Stress  in small durations is manageable and can be somehow compensated by other moving parts of the body. The problem appears when the compensating parts that have been compensating for stress fails to compensate for the problem at hand. It is during these parts that pain and some unrecognizable symptoms appear. The reason why the symptoms appear as unknown  is because they are problems that the body normally keep in check as such they only appear when there is a failure in the regular system. Think of the body as an organization. For the organization to appear at least the main guys who are capable of running the basic services of the organization should be present, technically they are known as the skeleton. When the basic function fails the body somehow panics as such it produces things like the feeling of heaviness, constant back pains or pains that just appear randomly.

There are usually pros and cons in everything and not everything is bad by itself as such while stress is always seen as a bad thing it is not entirely bad in itself and might not be a real problem. It is also the reason why there is an increase in clients during January since stress usually appears as back pain. This is partly why there a lot of back pain cases during January or at least I would think so. Stay safe relax and enjoy the Christmas season.

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