Batman says you have chronic dehydration

BatmanI am sure you are wandering what the heck happened to the title. I shall tell you a brief story about what happened. I was walking around the library when something caught my eye. Your Body’s many cries for water. This got me interested I am there is water everywhere so I turned the cover and lo and behold it was written by Dr. Batman, and all I could think about was “Batman nananananana Batman”. Anyway my interesting taught processes aside it was an interesting book, as for the authors full name it was Dr. F. Batmanghelidj, don’t ask me how to read the name, and it pointed out a lot of interesting points.

I mean when we were studying college a few years back what comes into your mind once water comes in. For me it was always part of the triad of survival, being a scout way back then. It was an instant answer that when you are lost in a forest in a survival situation the thing that you should quickly find is a water source, shelter and food. Also that the body primarily needs 3 three things to keep on living primarily air, water and food. Reading the book makes me realize that the water primarily makes up more than just the basic nutrients for survival it is also part of the body’s structure and protective functions.

Just to introduce chronic dehydration and its effects on the body. We all know that people dies when there is no water for three days as such what is chronic dehydration? I mean we all drink water or some sort of water substitute every day. That is where Dr. Batman’s research comes in. When a person drinks less than the optimal amount of water structures that need water for structure and protection. These things either decrease in their structural and protective qualities. Think of the structures as water balloons, for the water balloons to get to its full shape it needs a sufficient amount of water. The water from these structures are then re directed to the structures needed for higher cognition. This is even further compounded by the fact that as a person grows older the mechanism for detecting thirst decrease as such when you then now feel the need to drink the body is not at the maximum amount of dehydration and would need water immediately to either function or start some of the bodies function back up. That is why Dr. Batman Stressed that once the body’s safety mechanism kick in and then you feel thirst the body is then critically dehydrated especially if the person is one of the older ones.

Why is this research important then if it just needed for protecting parts and keeping it structures inflated? According to Dr. Batman’s research a lot of idiopathic conditions can be linked to chronic dehydration. The research so far identified a few things such as depression, stress and pain. It is also quite interesting to know how water affects the body and the mechanism how chronic dehydration can affect health and possibly cause chronic dysfunctions in the body.

Dr. Batman states that the lack of water can be a cause of depression and stress. The thing is according to his study about 20% of the British population are estimated to have depression at a single point in time and some of these can be caused the lack of water. Depression can be caused by other factors but he states that sometimes depression and stress can be cause by not enough water passing through the blood brain barrier as the brain needs energy to work energy in the form of ATP or Adenosine Triphosphate which is produced by the aerobic cycle which needs electrolysis. Electrolysis is produced by osmosis of the cells kind of like miniature hydroelectric plants. The lack of this makes the person feel depressed or have difficulty in getting through stressful things. This is the reason why stress and depression can be caused by chronic dehydration.

Pain can also be caused by dehydration. According to Dr. Batman’s study water somehow makes the structures stable so as to be able to stabilize structures and give mucus its protective properties. He stated that for visceral pain, the pain is somewhat caused by lack of water in the mucus thus making the mucus unable to protect the linings of the internal organs as such pain is felt by the person. For the structures water should adequately fill the cells so as to be able to successfully hold its structure so as to be able to do its intended function. The less water in the structures that hold them stable the more the structures get injured a lot more. As such it is advised to have these things always full of water.

So as medical practitioners how should we determine if the problem is caused by the lack of water. The first aid for this is practically give the person two to three glasses of water if there is a decrease in the noted symptoms then the problem is caused by the lack of water. So if the first aid worked how much water should a person be drinking. Well Dr. Batman did not say much about that matter but he did say that if you already feel thirsty then that is quite late already and you are way past dehydrated as such I think drinking water every once in a while is advised. So is any beverage with water able to satiate the thirst? Dr. Batman actually said that the body has an affinity for water as such while other beverages such as coffee and tea has some water in them the body has a special affinity to just water. The thing to remember is that the study was done in London as such water in different countries might have some slight differences as well as the physical conditions of the person drinking water as such different people might need different amounts of water as well as a need for purified water. It is just important to note that water has these helpful functions and might be helpful for the allied health profession. It is also good to know that there are scientific basis to drinking water regularly specially during ones recovery period.


Your Body’s many cries for water by Dr. F. Batmanghelidj

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