How to advertise using only your sweat!

sweat-bottleFun fact people actually make money out of different bodily fluids. Things like sweat, saliva and other fluids whether attached to cloth like things or not. These are not a Niche market of a certain kind of people. Right now thought we are not going to be talking about how to sell your sweat. We will be talking about how to advertise yourself with the use of only hard work and the sweat of your brow.

Advertising one of the things that Facebook is actively advertising nowadays. I mean of you have a page in Facebook you are sure to have encountered pay this amount and other 200 people will have reached your page. The problem with this is that while additional people might be reached by this move but are they people who would be part of your market. For professionals the recommended way of gathering hits to the page is the organic way. People should be attracted to your page and not see it under a sponsored page. Personally I see a lot of sponsored things and I don’t really click on those things since they do not really interest me.

So how do professionals advertise especially in the Philippines and you are a therapist you are pretty much limited by either the actual clients who come to see you or the open recommendations given by doctors as frankly the only thing stated by the law is that the referral should have come from a doctor and not a specific type of doctor.

Here are some recommendation on how to advertise yourself. First of all partner yourself with your local community. Know who you can help or which organization might need help or might need this service. Sometimes to be able to help yourself, you should first help others. This is kind of a give and take relationship. One of the things that I usually personally do is that I try to find people who would like to join me on medical missions. This way you help the people catered by the medical mission, show the organization what you can do and get free exposure to the community in what you do.

The second thing you can do is to spread information about what you do. The thing is nowadays the public is more knowledgeable sometimes to the point that they self-diagnose and then try to tell the professional their diagnosis. As such one of the things that you can do is that you can empower your future client base by either talking or writing about what you do. This will give the public an idea that you might be able to help them as such might need your services. Also this might inform other professional in such a way that they might refer clients.

Another thing that you might benefit from is partnerships from professionals. The more you are in a group the more your client pool is expanded and if ever you would need help your other partners might be able to give the proper services. As such clients tend to know your services through other professionals. The professionals that you might want to be partners with are those you personally have worked with since usually this is a long term professional relationship.

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