Why choose training organizations that are supported by proper programs?

small-logoI have found this quite interesting and troubling at the same time that people just want to have the cheapest training available and also have the best evidence based training. People have yet to realize that evidence based studies at least some of them especially in the rehabilitation field get their money, or at least part of it from the trainings. As such going for cheaper and cruder trainings will not only be a liability to your own practice but the growth of your profession as well.

Fun fact crowd funding has seen a big explosion these past few years but did you know that crowd funding might have gotten its roots from the medial field. I sure that you guys understand that for medical sciences to produce evidence based practices there should be funding. Big organizations such as Mulligan and PNF are seen as organizations who tend to give trainings and sell books. This is the reason why people tend to copy and then give seminars of these systems on their own and more often than not all the earnings go to that unknown organization and they get splint there maybe for paying the venue and the speaker. This is problematic now because the trainings and books that random people are sources of income for the big organizations so as to be able to fund their research programs, and that other people who just give the programs without understanding them do not even help the research process. As such going through the big organizations trainings shows that you are willing to help pay for their research studies in turn for using their system.

Another problem of attending seminars of the organizations is that yearly the system for the treatment system are updated yearly. As such by attending the knock off seminars which are not supported by the organizations and still fly the name of the program will more probable than not do not have the updated system and are usually just teaching you part of the system. The problem with this is that aside from getting the participant think that the watered down system is the actual system makes the person’s therapist perception of the system wrong. This creates a misunderstanding among the ones who attended the seminar that the system is not working even though actually the system is sound as a bug in a rug. As such by attending legitimate seminars you get the best support possible from the teachers of the system as well as be getting constant updates from the organization as well as proper recognition. As such attending accredited programs not only allow you actual access to data but open up a lot due to the system of support that the organization offers particularly local support from those who took the actual program to the countries itself. Another good thing about getting to know actual teachers is that you actually get to get their social media addresses as such you can easily get answers for questions that you have just realized the program. Another problem with the knock off programs is that it tends to box your thinking. Good programs allow your mind to take flight and to question the system and be able to ask the teacher the question through continuous support.

Upon talking to a lot of medical professionals back then is the problem with the price of the actual programs. They usually are a huge number and commonly they are difficult to raise money for especially if you have a problem with priorities. Basically back then when I was paying for the program you have to know when to just eat the cheap stuff and just have the old phones as your main phones, basically putting things into perspective back then my phone was about 3 years old already and during lunch and other meals a lot of us just ate either those fish ball or those cheap cracker like things for sustenance. Also if ever after doing all that you cannot still cover the cost some of the organizations have ways of covering the cost you just need to talk to either a teacher of the course of a organizer as sometimes they are willing to help the participants come up with more fund to cover the cost. These organizations usually appreciate you effort as an individual and realize that sometimes your own efforts come short as such they actually lend a hand if you are willing to work for it.

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