A therapist needs more than just skills now doesn’t it?

tool-boxBeing away for a while makes you realize a lot of things that you might have missed during the time before you were alone. My time alone away from the Philippines has made me realize a lot of things. One thing is that the times are changing and this has made me realize this especially in the medical field. In the past a therapist need only his skill and more than likely need something else other than the basic tools.

One of the first thing that I realized is that you will need more than just a license, if you would want your practice to thrive. Aside from a license you will need a way for the clients to know you. A lot of medical professions usually have this knowledge locked under a title MBA or Master’s in business administration.  During this time you would need a way for people to know that you exist as a practitioner. I learnt this while I was talking to other medical professionals during my studies is that they would usually have a website or at least a page so as to be able to let people know they exist. As times go if you do not let people know you are a medical practitioner chances are they won’t find out. One of the things that they would usually do is that they client journals in which they would write about how their treatments went. This would be good and won’t be invasive as long as you get the client’s permission and make sure they understand what you are going to do with the data. Essentially it is also a great way of letting the crowd know that your treatment works.

The second thing is that the crowd you are working with should know what you are doing. The thing is when people do not understand what you are doing they tend to shy away from you, but once they know what you are doing they tend to accept your practice more. This is especially important to those who use skills not from main stream medical sciences particularly osteopathy. This is usually done by posting things from other people or from your own hand on what you are doing. We are pretty much living in an age where the people are empowered and sometimes they are empowered too much that they would want the practitioner to do a kind of treatment even if it will not benefit the client. As a practitioner you are considered a specialist at what you are doing specially at the clients stand point so trust your clinical reasoning.

The third thing is that not all trendy things are applicable. An example of this is the evidence based practice. So as to be fair to the evidence based practice they help the profession improve by showing that they are scientific and has basis, but as of now even the basic understanding of healing itself is changing every day. Also it is prudent to remember that evidence is pretty much limited by the ability of science to measure they effects as thing can only be measured by probes and other tools. A large part of how the treatment works is pretty much immeasurable. This is the reason why there are ancient healing practices that are still practiced today although there is no way of proving that the effect is measurable since science as of now can only measure a small amount of the effects of the treatment. Also when relating things to rehabilitation there are studies that study their effect, but these studies pretty much say a spectrum of effects and are usually not definitive because as you know humans are not machines as such while machines have predictable effects humans are made differently even if the  basic parts are the same.

The fourth thing is that no profession survives on its own nowadays as such so as to help the profession improve each profession should help each other out. The main problem that I have seems during my studies and is pretty much apparent especially in country wide programs and even in small communities is that the professions are not aware of each other’s function as such they either double services or just end up being disregarded or end up being given a job that is not even related to the field as such setting the profession to fail. As such inter professional communication is important for your practice. Also knowing each other strength and weaknesses as a profession would help professionals give referrals to other professionals better for better cost efficiency for the clients.

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