Fascia is affected by emotions!

fascia-unfoldingFun Fact fascia can be affected by a person’s emotions. This has been seen in the studies of the Barral institute and there is so much information that there is a book primarily about this and how the fascia itself can be affected by emotions. These affectations only affect the fascia at small areas at a time. The problem about the fascia is that if you keep on experiencing the same affectations for a prolonged amount of time they seem to multiply exponentially to the point that they eventually appear.

Why is this even happening you ask, Well the thing is before even there were actual studies to the affectations of emotions to fascia the Chinese were already well versed on the affectations of emotions on certain organs. The thing is once again western sciences have once again misunderstood eastern medicine saying it’s the flow of energy as seen in acupuncture and other Chinese medicine models. It is actually based on the fluid movement of soft tissues and fascia ant not the energy within the organs themselves.

During the study of how fascia is affected by emotions they found out that whatever emotions affect certain fascia which appear at the same moment the organ unfolded. For clarifications a person first comes out as a mass of cells when the sperm and cells meet and then from that circular thing unfolds the spinal cord and other organs. Each one of these unfolding fascial coverings covering the organs seem to react to certain emotions, although to why the fascia is reacting to the emotions is still a mystery.

This is why being positive does not only affect the persons mental health but his wellbeing in general.

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