STRESS does more than just wear you down

stressStress probably the most dominant problem in the modern world and is also one of the least studied things due to the lack of information and capabilities to study it. As a matter of fact this was supposed to be my research topic before the criteria was changed to the research topic being an actual organization when I was taking my Level 7 advance diploma in healthcare Management. During the times when I was doing research for the topic I came upon a couple of interesting things that stress might be measured using gasses that come out of a person’s skin and with the use of a special gradient camera, but this technology is still pretty much experimental as such only a person’s perception of how stressed they are  recorded usually using an ordinal scale but aside from that researchers seem to be attributing a rise of different conditions and were somehow being linked stress. Here are some of the things that I remember from that time.

One of the things that I have noticed during the time when I was scouring data is that stress actually makes you age faster. If you would look back to stressful times you would be able to realize one thing you will look older. This is not only because your skin just dries out and all that stuff. One of the studies imply that prolonged exposure to stress actually makes gene clusters close earlier than normal. Just for a quick explanation of things before you get drowned under medical terms as I cannot think of anyway to translate it to normal terms. There are various genes that determine what happens to the body there are a specific set of genes that determine how you look whether you look like a kid, look like and old man or just regularly aged and stress makes this gene set close shop earlier than usual making a person look older than their age.

Another thing that I have realized during the dreaded research scouring period is that stress is liked to a lot of chronic conditions. The conditions from cardiovascular conditions, metal issues and even physical maladies. As such being exposed to prolonged heavy stress periods is pretty much detrimental to ones health in the short term and long term.

The worst thing about stress is that it has many types, physical, mental and emotional stress. Problems ins one type will not only affect one part of the human being. Clearing up this statement physical stress will not only appear as physical problems, it will eventually also lead to mental maladies and emotional problems if the body is now unable to adapt to that stress.

The good thing about stress is that the body has different avenues of trying to control stress it may limit or constrict certain functions such as for example bending the back then trying to reach downwards so as to limit the effects of stress on that area if the body is unable to cope with specific stresses. The thing with it is that once this problem is not solved the problematic area will probably be a part of habit as such affected persons with this reaction of the body to stress might avoid activities with this type of movement and as such affect their lifestyle as a whole.

Fear not for stress will not be a problem as long as if you think you need help you seek the nearest capable therapist in the area. As I have said not everything is all bad, there will always be stressful times that is why you friendly neighborhood therapist are there to help you out as needed. Particularly therapist that can help you get the balance back to optimal conditions particularly osteopaths and other therapist the first thing you would have to do is ask.

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