Feeling good does more than just help you psychologically

positivity-starThere is now another reason to celebrate events such as Christmas, and it is more than just for the gatherings. As we probably know feeling good does a word of good for the body. Primarily keeping the person sane and able to function in their day to day activities such as preparing meals and working. Also traditionally and as stated by other people feeling good also has a lot of effect on a person’s self- confidence as proven by those studies which show that people who go to job interviews feeling good about themselves are likely to be hired. I am sure you more or less already knew about these things. Here is some new data according to some new studies about 1/3 of the bodies healing can be attributed to the placebo effect or the effect in which the person believes in the treatment and feels good about undergoing it. Also as of today science still cannot prove how this effect works or how it works. This is basically my hypothesis of how feeling good naturally heals the body.

You see while we are being formed after having the sperm and the egg meet. A mass of cells are formed and the from that cell parts of the person grow. Each part grows by the growth of the cells that follow the basic design indicated by the our DNA. Each growth from the cells corresponds to a set of organs and each organ has their own fascial covering .Each part of the fascia responds by shrinking to certain emotions. For example the liver reacts to the feeling of anger as such the fascia around the liver tightens during bouts of anger. Reversing these thinking process if fascia is tightened  by negative emotions such as anger, grief and other emotions so much so that these tightness can be a bit like the bodies record of what the person has gone through. Positive emotions then might then reverse the tightness and then make the body be able to heal itself better.

If this is true then why is the body taking a long time so as to be able to heal itself? The thing with healing fascia is that the  fascia is like a tapestry or a cloth with a lot of layers as such every damage one to the fascia usually just tightens up a layer and the body can only heal itself layer per layer. Also it also important to note that the study only pointed to this part being only 1/3 of the healing process. The other 2/3 of the healing process being something that the body might need help with through external means.

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