Pain is not the real enemy

scan_20161213The world at the present seem to like picking fights with things that should not be fought. This is pretty much the same with the health care system. The health care system would only nowadays seem to target the loudest things but, not the cause of why that thing is making a noise. Also another thing is while the thing seems to make the loudest sound most often than not there is a valid reason as to why it is happening. This pretty much applies to almost anything nowadays aside from those who just seem to want to be in the spotlight for opposing something. As such a lot of times it might be beneficial to understand why there is pain rather than to just try to douse the pain with pain killers.

To understand pain it is important to understand where pain comes from. Pain pretty much comes from a lot of things the most common thing is when you get an injury. An example is when I got into a bike accident just recently and was able to walk home and have someone drive me to the nearest emergency room. Pain does not appear until the adrenaline wears off and would usually indicate the area of injuries. The strongest pain would usually indicate the area that is most affected by the accident. In my case it was an AC tendon micro tear. Pain scale back then in a scale of 1 to 10 was about a 4,000 wasn’t able to sleep unless I fixed the part back to its proper position with kinesiology tapes and yes initially the painkillers were of no help at all. Another cause of pain is that sometimes muscles are not used properly as such they might be overused or underused as such pain would indicate that there is a problem with the contraction of the muscles. I would encounter a lot of this and more often than not manual techniques would not do much to help alleviate the pain for long. These types of pain would usually disappear when the body is once again reconditioned to use the muscles properly and would usually, by my experience, take approximately 3 weeks at least so as to have a significant effect. Also more often than not those who have these are in the opposite end of the spectrum, those who participate in regular sports activities and those who only sit and work their desk jobs. Another notable pain is the deep type of pain would often be caused by the organs. Contrary to popular belief it usually does not mean there is a problem with the organs it just usually means that the fascia around the organs are too tight as such it needs help so as to be able to get itself to optimal functional capacity. Prolonged appearance of tight fascia around the organs usually lead to problems in the long run, but those will not be discussed in this article. Another common problem is the throbbing pain it is the pain which usually just appears as a continuous throbbing pain. This pain would usually happen when there is a problem with the drainage of the lymph in the area. As such these things would indicate a blockage in the lymphatic drainage of that part of the body. The last pain that will be talked about in the flash of lightning pain that usually appears during movement more often the sharp ones. This is a pain usually caused by the lack or excess of movement of the nerves. You see the muscles should contract to allow nerve movement but a delay in that would usually cause either stretching or compression and when this happens often it registers as a pain signal. Those are the common types I have usually encountered.

The main problem with these things is that imaging nowadays are still not able to detect these problems as such doctors usually tend to just ignore or just place these things under the idiopathic type of pain and just give a truck load of pain relievers. This is why instead of just ignoring the pain it is best to understand is as it will most probably lead to preventing a condition in the future.

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