Posture: the blamed un-guilty one

postureIn the past few days I have happened to recall a memory about a show of a lawyer trying to defend a miss labeled culprit. In this case an innocent person labeled as a culprit of a crime. The show practically showed a lot of underhanded tactics not used in court such as having a witness just appear unannounced just for the suspense factor like those happening in the Philippines with Delima. Just to be clear I am not going to be stating my thoughts on the matter also for those interested in knowing the show I think the title is Gyakuten Saiban. Well getting back to the topic everyone in the net is trying to say that there is a new problem emerging with the population I think they called it the technology neck. The one in which the neck seems to be continually be bending forward due to the continuous use of the electronics and is one of the problems celebrated by therapist around the world since it is usually a quick fix that tends to return quickly or is it something else.

The common thing around the world is that when something unexplained happens the common thing that is usually done is to blame it on something unexplained so as to bring something to light. This is practically what is happening with the problem with the technology neck or the forward head posture. That is practically the case with posture most people associate posture as a bunch of bone pieces stuck together by some small muscles. That once the bones move there is no way the human body can cope as such it is stuck there and that they have to be somehow realigned by a practitioner of some sort. This statement is not entirely false but is pretty much not fully true. The common thing that people and practitioners commonly misunderstand is that posture is not only governed by muscles and bones. This is why most people tend to think that strengthening is the only solution so as to solve the problem but how to you strengthen neck muscles. Chin pull ups anyone?? Jokes aside, to be able to properly answer this we should first look at how posture works.

So how does posture works? Posture is basically the vertebral bones pulled by muscles. In the body there are two muscles the ones that are easily tired and those that lost a long time. I could make a joke at this time but it would not be appropriate so I’ll pass. The common problem with the posture is that there is a problem with the usage of the muscles. You see the body tends to use its most commonly used assets first or those that are somehow behaviorally ingrained for the person. The thing with people today is that we tends to use the muscles that are quick to tire out or those big muscles that is why while people tend to slouch not everybody tends to get back pain after prolonged slouching. The reason being when muscles are properly used the body tends to adapt to situations more. Theoretically speaking in the few hundred years before humans farmed they were food gathers and most of the food that is gathered is from way below as such if there should have been the same problem from years back as such why is the human skeleton skill standing upright? The answer is simple while the skeleton is pretty much controlled by the muscles the body needs constant input of whether it is doing great or not. The inputs come in the form of sensations. The primary mechanism in which the body works is the use it or lose it principle. If something is not used the body will not consider it into the general everyday action. As such if there is not enough stimulation to the one not easily tired the body will tend to use the ones that fire quickly as their go to stability muscles. As such instead of having the muscles that tire slowly support the posture the muscles that tire quite fast support the muscles this is why the skeleton loses its stable position as such it appears that the posture is the problem but that is not the real problem by itself. The problem is that the body is not unable to process the sensations properly as such it is not unable to properly respond to the impending problem. Another possible problem is that since there is a delay in the processing of the sensation the muscles are not firing in sync so as to properly stabilize the body properly. As such by giving the body the ability to properly analyze the sensations once again will give the body a better chance of responding to the problem ahead as such using electronics might not be a problem after all. Also by having the body regain their sensations it will be more cost efficient for the client since there will be fewer visits and more time efficiency for the therapist.

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