Seminar: working on rusty skills

rustI was doing some maintenance on some of my knives. The thing with doing maintenance on the iron clad items is that they get rusty quite frequently and if they are not constantly being maintained they eventually get too rusty and once the blades core gets rusted the blades just end up worthless and break upon use. The thing is maintaining blades actually take the better half of one day. Particularly about 12 hours when you consider that I just did four blades each blade took approximately three hours per blade. Now why did I bring this up? The thing is while I was cleaning the rust off the face of the blades I realized something or just came up with a realization. Well this is being more philosophical because I had too much time to think while removing rust.

Most of the things that most therapist do not realize is that everybody has the capability to learn skills. The only limitation is that how they would like to learn it. Basically once we come out of our four to five year courses we are usually given a rusty blade. The thing is that there are two ways to go about with using the blades either you work on it to make the blade stronger and sharper or just use the blade just as a rusty blade. The thing is the way to clean a blade differs from method to method you can use chemicals, fluids, grinders or whetstone. By the way for those interested in knowing what I used I used a medieval technology whetstone since it was a lot cooler than using electronic grinders. The thing is as with all things to clean and make a blade better than its rusted counterpart it would cost quite a lot more often than not more expensive than the price when you originally bought a blade. There usually is no cheaper way to clean the rust off. Well I guess you can rub a clean blade against the rusted blade to get some of the rust off but most of the rust will just be chipped a bit off the surface and maybe leave a some rust on the blade that you used.

So what the heck am I trying to say. Sounding much like a philosopher. Maybe I should have been a philosophy major than a therapist. Wonder where I would be now? Well putting that aside paying for quality seminars helps you make your skills a lot more refined by being thought by some one who actually teaches the course. The reason being these teachers are regulated by an organization who backs these training up as such by attending these seminars you help the organization develop their techniques better so as to help you improve since most of these seminars provide running continuous support from teacher to student as such anything new is usually passed to those who have already attended the seminars unless it is an entirely new thing just developed after years of research. Mentorship while good depends on those who you undergo your mentorship with. The skills you get will learn depends on the mentor. The thing is there is no organization regulating the training s such the skills that will be though depend on the mentor as such it might or might not be the best of his skill sets as such there might be a gap on what you might learn.

Now we go to those who just teach use how to use the blade or those who just teach techniques and not the principles. The thing is while getting to learn how to swing the blade is good. The swings will only be as good as what you are swinging. Also skills are like rusty blades the longer you keep them rusty the more the core gets rusty until it is already to late to remedy it since it gets to brittle to even use. It is practically the equivalent of using a rusty blade in a battle. A rusty blade has a higher chance of breaking than a well maintained blade.

Well that is only my philosophical brain talking and some of my realization during my 12 hour maintenance spree.

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