I went to the 37th Manila International Book fair


Hi so I went to the 37th Manila International Book fair. For those who are unfamiliar with the event this is what I think is a yearly book fair which has been happening for 37 years. I basically just made the title of the event longer but this is the long version of the title. For those interested with the event it is a four day event from the fourteenth to the eighteenth of September. The event in a gist is a gathering of book stores and publishers presenting their wares. The books range from your typical Fiction and Non-fiction titles, basic college subjects, children’s books, electronic books, inspirational books and a manual therapy books. Yep you read the sentence right I only saw a manual therapy book which cost a hefty 10 grand(P10,000). Well I actually went to the fair to somehow check out if there were manual therapy books on sale. For those interested in basic robotics there was a stall which sells educational toys which happens to be presenting a Lego look alike with a programmable motor. For those interested the toy cost 50 grand (P50,000).


As for the book prices the books were priced as cheap as 100 pesos to 10 grand (P10,000). The books stores include all the standard book stores namely Fully booked, National book store and C&E. There are the typical college and sect based publishing houses as well as an independent publisher booth. The independent publishers have one stall in the whole place the only thing that I noticed with the stall is that the books were already published quite a long time ago and that the books pages were noticeably blotted with yellow stains in the pages which kind of deterred me from buying from that stall as I actually wanted to support the independent publishers.


As a summary for an entrance fee of 20 pesos for the general admission and a 15 pesos fee for the teachers, seniors and kids shorter than 4 feet, as long as you bring your identification cards. The event is a good event to go to if you are interested in seeing some books and if you are near the area. If you are going out of your way just to go see the event it might not be worth it since the event typically just show cases regular books with an occasional robotic toy and manual therapy book.


For those going to the event here is the schedule



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