Treatment system: are techniques important?

patternI was watching a NHL special during one of my stays at the hotel during one of my recent trips to Cavite. The special is about how Japanese carpenters were able to join wood without using any metals or nails. The interesting part of this is that the wood parts individually are quite flimsy and can only be able to carry a small amount of weight but once the small parts of the design are placed in the design. The design then becomes functional enough so as to be aesthetically pleasing but functional as well. A treatment system is practically like this. The thing is while the typical thing when building wooden structures is that any metal parts in the wooden structure, especially in Japan where the system was developed, becomes a weak point due to the constant movements of the structures. This is the reason why Japanese Temples pretty much last for quite a long time aside from when they are burned though that is quite a different problem altogether.

For the treatment systems the important part and the main framework of the system is that it needs a solid clinical reasoning as to how the treatment should be going about. This provides a basic understanding of how the problem is going to be undertaken. One of the main problem when treating dysfunctions is that the therapist would just go in the fray without understanding the problem as such when something unexpected happens the therapist gets flustered and sometimes loses what needs to be done next because of the inability to analyze the situation due to lacking information about the problem. After forming the main parts of the framework then comes what should I use to be able to match what is needed so as to be able to solve the problem. This is why during training I would usually emphasize that while having techniques is great and all it would not be beneficial if the therapist does not know how to use it properly. In martial arts swinging the blade and using the blade is different not just in a fundamental level but in a practical level as well. As I have said earlier while the small parts of the frame increase the ability of wood to bear the loads needed but the better the fit of the parts the better the ability of the wood to take in extra load. The same can be said with the technique that is most appropriate. Every technique is fundamentally based on the same principles as such depending on the situation any technique once polished enough can be used to treat the dysfunction. This is why there really is no technique for a specific type of condition. This is the primary misconception which lures those evidence based focused therapist to believe that only this works with that condition which is pretty much a naïve way of thinking which practically like saying an apple is an apple only when it is circular, has a stem and is red anything that is not those three is a nit an apple not knowing that there are oblong apples, green ones and other varieties. This is the common mistake with using manual therapy is that they think it is only for a specific condition as such it cannot be used for other conditions not knowing that the use of the techniques is pretty much based on what reasoning you are using.

This is pretty much why manual therapy is a science and an art. It is a science since it can be proven that it works but it is also an art since it is something which needs constant practice so as to be able to use them properly. As such this is a hard to understand thing for those who cannot analyze situations as such rely on papers which state which technique work with this condition. This is why a treatment should be done with a solid why does it fit and what should be done.

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