Somatic Dysfunction? What is that?

Somatic dysfunctionRecently there has been an increase in the practitioners who say that Somatic Dysfunction is a normal part of the body as such why is it treated? As such what is a Somatic Dysfunction? How come Osteopaths use this term and not the regular diagnosis? How are this typically found? Is it even evidence based? What really is evidence based evidence?

Recently there is an increase in the buzz about the topic that Somatic Dysfunctions are part of the person as such is it even important to correct this thing? First of all what is a Somatic Dysfunction? Dissecting the name to its root words Somatic and Dysfunction. Somatic means body and the Dysfunction means a problem as such a problem with the body. Somatic Dysfunctions are generally problems that are not generated by the body during birth and might have appeared after birth or anytime afterbirth. As an osteopath how do we know that these problems are the actual problems and are not supposed to be present during the client’s lifetime. The thing is osteopaths consider every client as unique as such we match and see which ones do not fit from the general picture and those things that generally stick out from the general whole is the general dysfunction. This is pretty different from the usual method of trying to find out whether that is the problem by looking at a small amount of pictures from a small portion of the general population and from there assuming that small population is a representative of the general population as such anything out from the that small population might be a problem for the whole population. While this might sometimes work and have some effect on t least every client that thing might not be able to solve the real problem present as such they just end up going back to the therapist regularly for the system of using a representative sample to represent the general whole is usually not enough to be able to fully answer the root cause of the problem. This is where Somatic Dysfunctions come in Somatic Dysfunctions are usually found by using multiple methods of analysis based on osteopathic principles as such instead of using pictures to determine which one is the odd one out; osteopath usually consider the client as puzzle pieces as such we try to see which part of the puzzle is out of place as such we either move it to other places or just try to reorient it to better fit the picture. The Somatic Dysfunction found in the person to person is the same even though different osteopaths do their diagnosis is because while the somatic dysfunction fundamentally remains the same the manifestation might differ from practitioner to practitioner due to a difference in their skill level as such they either tend to see a small part of the puzzle or the big picture of the puzzle.

The thing that is commonly misunderstood by practitioners to focused on Somatic Dysfunctions is that Somatic Dysfunctions might be normal part of the person’s life as such why should you be spending your time treating this part when you can just spend your time on other parts that are more problematic. The thing with osteopaths is that we believe that the body does heal itself and that the Somatic dysfunction is  the thing that blocks the normal healing process as the body needs some sort of input from outside the body so as to help the bod heal itself. The thing is if the Somatic Dysfunction is readily considered as a staple in treatment science would then be forced to believe that the body can heal itself with just minimal contact from the allied medical professionals as such the visits to the professionals will definitely be decreased and will definitely mean a decrease in income. Also it should be noted that while it might mean a decrease in visits it allows the clients o be able to place their income in more important parts of their lives and be able to spend on things that count. This is the important part of why we osteopaths instead of considering that our techniques heal the client directly we believe that what we do is a trigger to the bodies healing process as such the body should be left by itself for a time so as to be able to sort itself instead of always going back for constant treatments.

Are Somatic Dysfunctions evidence based? As a matter of fact Somatic Dysfunctions have been here for a long period of time and has been way ahead of its time. I mean Osteopath’s Somatic Dysfunction was developed during the time when quick silver and amputations are part of general medical practice and are done by general practitioners without any disinfectants and sorts. I mean looking or the Somatic Dysfunction was developed by Doctor Andre Taylor Still by studying human remains during the time when the world still believes in drinking quicksilver as a treatment for diseases. For those unfamiliar with quick silver , it is mercury I mean during this time people drink mercury as a mean of healing themselves. As we know mercury nowadays mercury is a substance that is dangerous to touch so much so that is  pretty much fatal when you drink it regularly. This is why evidence based used of drugs were developed. As such one can say that Osteopathy contributed to evidence based practice as is even breaking new ground up until now. The thing with osteopathic research is that data is not readily available as they are only available to those who attend their courses as the courses themselves fund their researches. This is the problem with those who claim that Somatic Dysfunction is not evidence based either they work with only general information or are misinformed. Also knowing that Osteopathy has been constantly updating its information since being developed 1000 years ago makes you think that there is still a lot of things that are waiting to be discovered in the human body and in osteopathic principles that is why it kept itself relevant through those years of existence. Also I personally think that the reason why Osteopaths keep naming conditions simple is so that we can focus on developing ourselves and the understanding of the principles so as to be able to help people a lot more. This is another thing that osteopathy does quite differently from main stream medicine in which they tend to name any conditions first based on who found it before looking for a cure.

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