titleI think we are all aware of the recent events in the rehab world. I would just like to put out my views regarding the matter. Also I will be putting a general disclaimer as this would be putting out my thoughts about this matter and I would not be putting this though out on behalf of the occupational therapist and other organizations that I might be representing. In the medical world titles can be interpreted as additional power to the therapist as such having titles such as a doctor or any other title might be seen as a sort of I am above you or I am better than you which would be bad for the community as I personally think that these titles should not signify that the person is above the rest. It should just be a kind of a road map for other people. A map that would guide them if they would want to have the same kind of practice as you and also as a kind of a reminder that at the end of the day you are just a practitioner with specialized skills. At the end of the day the goal of every practitioner is to help the client reach their optimal capabilities with the use of the therapist skills and capabilities. I mean you would not be presenting your every credential to the client when treating them. Am I right? Also if you would be presenting your ideas in a general platform it might be best to at least follow the basic ethics if you will be presenting your ideas such as having the proper venue and medium. Also another point is that a title does not make you better at using skills it just reminds you what the skills that you have learned are.


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