Problematic spine problematic organs; better spine better organs

organIn osteopathy everything is connected and that connection is with everything. That is why we do not base our treatment on the diagnosis we base them with what we find out using our assessments. One of the notable things in osteopathy is that we are able to find out if there are problematic organs. How we do it can be found in an entirely different article somewhere in the blog site I think it is named osteopathic assessments also or something like that. As such haven’t you been wondering why sometimes we work on parts of your spine also once we finished osteopathically treating the organs?

So as to explain that I shall take you to a bit of a short anatomy lessons so as to make you remember the relationship of the spine and the organs and to those just new here something new that might interest you. For everyone most of the unconscious things happening in the body is controlled by the spine. We can think of it as a kind of a computer box of the body otherwise you will have to keep on micromanaging everything from digestion, breathing and temperature regulation and that would be a big pain as the human body needs to be in a kind of state of balance as such the spinal cord does these things so that we do not have to consciously do these things. The thing is while it is an unconscious process there is an inherent flaw in the system particularly it is connected to the organs by nerves. Nerves themselves are cells they work by making electric signals and passing them like a kind of very complex pass the message game going from a messenger to the receiver. The problem is that physical things can get moved, squished and injured unlike the wifi and Bluetooth signals although it the Philippines that wifi internet signal is a unreliable 3 megabytes per second which is not exactly reliable. The physical connections themselves when they receive any kind of change in the positioning of the spine causes a disruption in the size of the hole they come out of and kind of causes some interruptions. Have you ever used a wired headphones? This little buggers always tend to get caught in knots that I have never seen or heard being a former scout myself I think you can take my word for it. The more these wires get tangled the more the audio quality from the device to the headphones get worst. This is pretty much more evident in the bigger wires in which a small turn in the big wires can cause a big change in the audio quality of the speaker regardless of how clear the sound is from the mixers. This is practically the same things with the nerves going to the organs as such better positioning of the spine causes the organs to have better movements and be able to work better.

As to why the positioning of the spine is important. If you would see a spine vertebra it is irregularly shaped and the hole that the nerves comes out of is a small hole as such tiny unnoticeable movements from the spine can cause the hole to become smaller in diameter. So the question is will it help the organ work at its optimal performance? The answer to that question is maybe yes and not. You see if the primary cause of that problem is the spine it will usually clear up the problem within a period of three days. Why three days you ask? Every heard of the three musketeers and the duck tales good things always happens in threes. Jokes aside three days is usually the minimum time needed by the organs to adapt as these things do not happen instantly. For the other causes of the problem with the organs there are quite a lot actually as such they will not be discussed in detail here.

Just for a quick clarification the organ’s problem might not be related to the diagnosis to a certain condition in general medicine as osteopath’s describe conditions as somatic dysfunction in relation to as such we do not usually go by certain medical diagnosis.

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