Bodys Perceptions: Perceiving problems

spoterHave you ever heard of the sniper and spotter combination? It is an interesting thing specially in games since it lets the player know where the target is at that specific time. I think I first saw this combination in one of the Call of Duty games. I think it is the second one since I try to play those games as a way to unwind during those tight schedules during my Occupational Therapy internship days.

The thing with the body is that it is bombarded with loads of sensory. There are a constant bombardment of sensory information that the body needs to choose the important ones and ignore the rest until needed. This is the reason why the body tends to primarily focus on the five senses namely sight, smell, touch, and hearing and taste sensations. The other sensations only tend to be noticed when the sensations that they are measuring are already near critical levels. This is the reason why problems in the body sometimes are overlooked because the sensations just keep appearing that the body just tries to avert its attention to somewhere else as the body feels that there are more urgent things. This is practically like what happens during stress full situations. The mechanism that I will be talking about in this situation is the sympathetic and parasympathetic system of the body. For those who are not familiar with those two the sympathetic system is the one active during stressful situations. The sympathetic system focuses on only the needed sensations needed for survival and then boost them to the maximum for maximum efficiency. The sympathetic system can usually only be active for a short period of time as prolonged use of the sympathetic system causes harm to the body in a physical manner. The mode of how this happens will not be discussed here and might be discussed sometime in the future. The parasympathetic system is the one active when we are resting in a sense this system activates the recovery processes of the body.

The problem with the body’s innate healing ability is that the body should first be able to accurately analyze the sensations so as to be able to know that there is a problem with the body as the body can only heal itself once it knows there is a problem. The thing is as I have said earlier sometimes the body does not notice the other sensations due to it being unable to notice some of the other problematic sensation as being constantly stressed activates the sympathetic system even when not needed as such focusing on the five senses as the body thinks it is being threatened.

This is like the situation with the sniper and the spotter. The sniper can only look at a small thing in the battlefield focus on it and take it out while the spotter can look at the whole battle field and then be able to let the sniper now where the urgent target is. The body is the sniper while the osteopath and the manual therapist is the spotter. The manual therapist and osteopath tells the body where the problematic area is by showing the body where the problematic area is by making the sensation that the body missed known. This is the reason why sometimes in manual therapy the condition of the client worsens a bit before the condition is able to improve itself.

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