Circumstances and Results

peopleMedical sciences now seem to equate treatment methods as a kind of mix and match puzzle. This type of method for choosing which techniques will work and will not work for a client. As medical practitioners should we be limiting ourselves to only those that worked for this type of almost similar condition or should we try for those in which has little studies to support whether they will work on not but theoretically will work. This is one of the common issues which seem to appear a lot now since evidence based practice is appearing everywhere left and right and are somewhat becoming part of mainstream medical practice.

Medical science nowadays appears to be studying the effect of the therapy systems and on what conditions they will probably work in by using data from random clients, case studies and case reports. The common method nowadays is to compile similar reports and studies and try to get if the percentage of those conditions being tested using the system of treatment has a high chance of success and whether it is a viable model of treatment. This method of choosing which system to use with the client is a good method to determine whether the system might be adequate for use. This method of choosing which might work and which might not work might limit the therapist ability to use their own clinical reasoning in the analysis of the condition. One of the limitations of this approach is that sometimes the therapist is blinded by what is trendy in the therapy world that they lose the ability to decide for themselves as a therapist whether a system works or not without even encountering it. This is a common problem especially for therapist since most of the studies especially in rehabilitation science is kind of a closely guarded secret in which you will only gain access to their studies once you join in one of their courses. These types of studies are usually not available on mainstream searches and those academic search engines since the organization studying these studies tend to fund their researches using those gained in their seminars. Therapist who really on evidence based practice using mainstream studies tend to only get those non-specific studies which limit their ability to improve themselves as practitioners and are sometimes used as a reason to just not improve themselves and just stay in what is comfortable as such miss the chance to become better therapist. It might also be good to consider whether the studies that you based the treatment on is still valid since a lot of studies have been pulled out of circulation due to having errors as such become non-viable studies in the pursuit of using evidence based practice so as to aid the clients. Another limitation of this method is that some systems cannot be tested using the current level of medical technology and as such is still trying to find viable ways in measuring the efficiency and effectivity of the system. One such system is the Bowen system in which the system is pretty effective but the studies that support it are limited to fascial movement also some systems do not work under the same assumption as the medical system now. The medical system now targets the symptoms of the condition and not the cause of the symptom which limits the ability of the medical system to assess the effectivity of the system itself.

A problem in the paradigm of the current medical system is that it is focused on the symptoms. The system is focused on the symptoms due to the symptoms being easy to measure in relation to the cause. More probable than not treating the symptoms more that treating the cause produces more client satisfaction. The problem with that is that they just tend to keep going back for the same treatment due to the therapist just treating the symptom and not the cause of the symptom. The reason is that even if the person has the same injury the body does not respond in the same way as the body of the other person. The reason being while there is practically the same anatomical structures in both the clients save those special anatomical parts the body reacts in a specific way as such they tend to produce symptoms that might reflect the cause or might be a way to balance out the cause as such that symptom might be helping the body balance itself. Not all symptoms need to be treated as sometimes the body just interprets it as a problem since the sensation in either the sending or receiving end is problematic as such sometimes the problem might not even be a problem at all.

Evidence based practice is a big help as well as a big problem for medical practitioners. Evidence based practice is a good tool to help the therapist decide whether the system can help the client or not. Evidence based practice can also limit the ability of the therapist to perform at his or her best. As such as with every tool discretion is required as such a therapist clinical reasoning is vital to him or her when using evidences specially when treating clients.

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