Bodily Traffic

body trafficJust got back to the Philippines once again and guess what I was met with my good friend. The Metro Manila Traffic and he was nice enough to just join me for a ride for 8 hours, Hell yeah bloody 8 hours. This event got me thinking about the traffic like situation on the human body and just out of nowhere I remembered the lymphatic system. The roadways and lymphatic system is similar in a lot of ways.

Taking a look at the Metro Manila Traffic I realized that the roadways were designed so as to allow unlimited access to virtually any part of the city at any time. Design wise the road specifically in Metro Manila are designed for accessibility rather than efficiency. The spider web like designs tend to have a lot of alternating traffic and those small alternating traffic moments in large scale causes exponential delay in the ability of the commuter to decrease travel time and causes a lot of undue stress on the commuters. The only essentially managing the traffic situation is practically either the traffic light or the traffic enforcers. Also just for poking extra holes and heaping scoville hot sauce on an open wound they were practically just standing right there while most of the bikes, cars jeep just pass in front of the bloody poor guy. The other problem with the traffic system in the Philippines is the inability of one part of the road to communicate with another part of the road system so as to be able to manage the traffic problem. Congestions happen when the influx and outflux of one part of the road system is not in proper balance a decrease in outflux or an increase in influx in one part of the system affects not only a part of the system but the whole traffic situation themselves. The input for the higher management usually comes in the form of a congestion and as such is usually more complex to handle already since the problem has already started a few minutes ago as such having to manage a humongous problem at the stage is a challenge already.

The similarities of the lymphatic system to the traffic problem of the Philippines is that while the lymphatic system was designed to be able to access every part of the body at once it is regulated by tiny valves they are pretty much like the traffic enforcers or the stop lights of the traffic situation. The valves themselves can be over active or just dormant at all. Also in the lymphatic system like the traffic system is pretty much affected by their parts. A problem in a small part of the lymphatic system eventually has a big impact on not just the lymphatic system but the body as a whole. This is pretty much a reflection of the principle of tensegrity in which a problem in a part affects the whole. Also usually the body only notices the problem when the problem is a full blown problem already as such usually the body is unable to cope up with the big problem already and more than often compensates for the problem by making more problems to balance out the general problem itself.

Both situations are quite different but are fundamentally similar. A fundamentally similar problem can be solved by a similar fundamental solution. For a problem to be solved you should first know what the problem is and not the presentation of a problem. The common problem in both of these situation is that the resulting situation is the ones considered as the problem and not the situation resulting from the trigger situation. It is easier to solve a small problem than to deal with the problem once it is full blown. This things are usually done easily if the person or the government has a person that is not related to the problem and is able to observe the situation without bias and be able to find which set of situations triggered the situation. In both these situations the key thing is to have an observer in the lymphatic system in this situation the key thing is to have someone help your body to notice what the problem is and let the body know that that is the specific problem so that it will be able to help itself. The same thing can be said of the traffic if you cannot find the problem have someone look at it from a different perspective.

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