light bulbBeyond and attachment, remaining calm and selfless, then the ki of mind and body harmonizes.

Tentan Kyomu Shin-ki Kore ni Shitagau

The key to understanding the problem of the body is not to try to understand the person but to see things as they are. This is important in at least 2 assessment methods notably syo diagnosis and listening. The important things in these diagnosis method is to keep your mind clear so as to accurately determine the problem of the body. Matsunaga once said that the art of Seiki is the art of looking into human nature and seeing things as they are.

If you are not attached to things or goals

Beyond attachment you will be serene

Originally you are full of ki

Ki is naturally flowing and working

Then sickness is not necessary

If your body knows this through exoerience

Your actions will be founded on serenity ,

And you can observe reality

Sei-ki Life in resonace by Akinobu Kishi


The usual assessment method assessments are biased on what the other people who have experienced doing the assessment have underwent and anything aside from that umbrella. Seiki basically just takes in what the person feels at that specific time.


The essence of Sei-ki is that the practitioner is understanding the human as a whole by recognizing the disturbances in invisible movement. The distortions noted by the practitioner are basically the body trying to heal itself and bring the body to balance. These invisible movements are felt through the hands of a practitioner. These movements are unique and appear as a distortion which is different from their original configuration and it is up to the person to understand which is the original invisible movement and which is the distortion. The thing is principle wise Sei-ki is a hard principle but as all principle once you start doing it and understanding the principle it becomes easier to do.


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