Improving your practice: Engaging and identifying stakeholder

hat and surveyWhat are the things that are important in health care practice? The thing is there are three things that are important in practice you need a service, a provider and a recipient. In the health care practice of the past the model is to build a place of your practice and wait for people to go to you. That model might still work but there is a different trend now as convenience is being weighed more than the skill of the therapist. The cost is considered more than the therapist skills. In particular most business models make most of their profit on only 10% of the customers. As such the saying if you try to grab on everything you see you tend to miss on the important things since your hands are already full are pretty important. Sometimes you get the best result by not working too hard but instead working smart targeting only a small population of people. There are currently two methods of doing this. First method is having the clients adapt to you. The second method is adapting to the clients.

The first method of having the clients adapt to you is practically in simple terms is the therapist specializing and having the clients that need the service come to you. This is achieved by getting I your own specialization as such by getting in this path you tend to get a certain kind of clients that need your help. In this method the therapist himself or herself should pursue a certain specialized path therefore attracting and choosing clients that tend to need your specialized services. This way you get to focus on a certain type of client type and be able to improve your skills by helping a specific type of client. This type of practice would usually take about 1 to 2 years so as to take off since this method of establishing clients need to have the clients identify you for a specific need and as such end up tagging you as a specialist in that specific field. For this method it would be beneficial for the therapist to know when he or she should be accepting clients for as I have said earlier this only works by having a set of specialized clients that would need your skills.

The second method is adapting your skills to the environment. The second method is the therapist working so as to fit the needs of the surrounding community. This is usually done by having an idea on the needs of the community and getting an idea of what the majority of the community needs. This might be a practice based on a particular condition or a practice based on a certain client type that is present in the community. This is the method commonly employed by practitioners in first world countries since there are sufficient data on what the community needs. For those planning on doing this method it is important to know what tools would aid you in this endeavor such as using programs that tabulate the data gathered so that you will not need to anymore. For this cause computer programs such as survey monkey are very helpful since they are programs that you would only need to register in. As an added bonus you get to add to the body of knowledge as to what clients or problems are common in the said area.

It is also important to note that this part of the development of the system or program is the most important part of the development process since the stakeholders or the clients are the one to either make or break the system that you are creating as such taking care as to how to plan this stage is of utmost priority in system development. As you have noted both steps can be taken as separate thongs or can be done at the same time it is just important to note that both steps need time and money as such sometimes it is better to choose one method and stick to it or if needed choose one and integrate the other method to your system in the long term. These are the two common ways of identifying and engaging stakeholders.

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