Is that even PNF?

PNFA lot of systems are watered down. It is practically when someone who just saw some techniques and heard that it is that certain technique and then say that I learned this and that by just watching and other things then place them in a chapter with 5 pages with primarily drawings. This is practically what happened to PNF. I am not sure if we are in the same page or at least the same train of thought. Back in when I was still working on my college subjects, yes I said subjects not papers since I did my B/S in the Philippines, the PNF was basically just taught as four patterns with a few movement patterns. If I remember correctly they are the D1 and D2 patterns.  After being taught that in the laboratory we were just then basically asked to do these movements in the practical exams. The topic was just discussed in just one lecture and laboratory session. So what is PNF really? What is it used for? Is it just a set of techniques? How long is PNF really?

You see PNF or the Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation is a system which teaches the muscles of the person how to move properly. The system itself is not based on a set of movements and one of the primarily things is that you are not able to use this technique on yourself unless you can multiply yourself somehow. The simple explanation of PNF is that if there is a problem in the movement it might not be because of the muscle but because of how the sensations coming from the muscles are processed. The whole process of using PNF is not based on the patterns but based on how the movements which are important to the person can be replicated as close to normal as possible and it is important to note that PNF does not take a long time to be able to have an effect on the client unlike those systems which wait for the body to correct itself it is fast acting. While this system is fast acting it is important to note that every system does not work on all clients. This system requires teamwork between the therapist and the client as well as the skills of the therapist in performing the technique. As with all other systems of treatment these things take time and skill to master but once mastered can cause improvements in the client. The common misconception with PNF is that it can only be used in neurologic clients. The system itself can be used for a lot of cases musculoskeletal, pain and a lot of other cases.

For those interested in learning PNF it is if I remember correctly a 5 module program. Each module is 5 days long I think it is 8 hours per day I guess. The classes are usually taught by one or two instructors depending on how big the class is. For those in Asia there is one in the Philippines on July 11, 2016 priced at 17,000 pesos. I’ll put a link and a flier down below for more details.

PNF flier

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