Improving your practice: Cycles of improvement

circleHave you ever watched the Lion King when you were a kid? There was a song about the circle of life. The system development is usually taken only as a linear cycle. The development of the system should generally be considered as an endless cycle of creation and development as such there is no direct beginning and end of the development of the system. Basically if the cycle of development ends the system becomes stagnant and the system eventually loses their significance.

The development cycles are usually seen as

  1. Engage and identify stake holder
  2. Describe the program
  3. Design a method of evaluation
  4. Gather evidence regarding the program
  5. Evaluate the program
  6. Use the data for another cycle

The cycle does not start at any point in the cycle. The next few articles will be discussing the parts of the cycle in detail as such we will not be talking about any of these parts. For now it is enough to know that there is a cycle to the development and it is a brutal never ending cycle and that this cycle typically last at least a year. The problem with most health care practices is that once the business is created the system is just left as it is and is not improved as such the practice only last for a certain number of years.

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