Improving your practice: Systems

SystemsThe business landscape when compared to the business landscape before are like comparing two planets. They are completely different now. The primary difference the business quickly loses its relevance to the customers. The basic core of the problem is that it is a business meant to earn money. I know I am talking about a paradox here but bear with me. Have you heard about the phrase chase after two rabbits and you will get neither. That is practically the same in business so it is better to chase after something and then let money chase after you. After all money is the fast one practically speaking it comes fast and goes out fast so strategically just make it chase after you. The system is basically the Arbor Vitae or the life tree of the business as long as you water the system the business will prosper. Why am I talking about business when I am talking about health care practice? The answer is quite obvious actually whether we would like to admit it or not health care is business as such making it flourish is pretty much tantamount to the success of your practice.

Now what is a system? The system is basically how your business functions. If you have played simulations games it is basically if this thing happens I either do this or this and if another thing happens this is what I will do. The system is a set of rules by how you will be running your system. It is basically the manual for your business a set of protocols. These protocols can either be written or unwritten but it will be the beginning and the end of your practice.

Why is a system important in practice? For those who know me I do not really like organized things but having seen how important a system is I became an advocate for it. Having run a clinic before not having one is like going thru a place without a map. Just for laughs I do get lost quite a lot of times before I somehow get the basic layout of a few places. Well moving on the system is something that you can look back after using it for year or two and be able to analyze what went well and what did not work and needs to be changed. It is important for your practice since for you to be able to improve your practice you should know three things those you can improve, those that work, those that fail and those that are not needed. By having a system you get to learn these things and these things get you to improve by helping you notice these things and is one of the most neglected things in running a practice.

Why should I be creating my own system when there is a set system already? I am aware that most people work on the system of wait for a referral, assess the client, treat the client, treat the client for maintenance and wait for discharge by the doctor. I happen to know this because I used to work with this system and generally it sometimes works but it is not something that you can generally use to run your own practice. I mean you cannot even call that a system in itself it lacks a lot of components for it to be a system and is a system that is mean to look for money. As I have said earlier those that try to chase after money lose it that is one of the truths noted from times past. If I can only remember the phrase from the art of war I would tell you but try to find it on your own if you would want. I think it was written by Sun Tzu, if I am not mistaken. The system will be something you can call your own and is practically most successful businesses have and it is easier to create it your own than to pay someone a truckload of money so as to help you create one.

The difference between having one and not having one? Having a system offers you a chance on how to eventually make your practice self-supporting with a lot of additional benefits that I will eventually discuss. Now the books that are usually self-help books on how you can improve your practice are written from successful systems from that field as such by creating one it will expand your horizon as a health care practitioner and as a person by a whole lot. The thing is these things do not happen instantly and takes time. Time is the best spice after all.

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