Improving your practice: A series

announcementI have been pondering the statistics on the page and it seems like you guys are interested in how to improve your own practice and I would commend that thought as such I would like to help you guys and would be starting a series on how to improve your practice so as to somehow give you guys a boost.

The series will basically be about one of the key things that practitioners tend to overlook when managing their practice and this thing goes deeper than the skills of the practitioner in practicing his or her craft. One of the hard things to do in health care practice is how to explain what you are doing to a client. This explanation would probably or would more than usually an explanation of what your profession does. In the series you will be learning about how you would be explaining how you, yourself as a therapist, do what you do and the process of how you will accomplish this. In technical terms this is what you call a system and this is one of the primary things that appears in most successful health practice anywhere in the world. Most practitioners tend to look at his practice as going through it as a therapist with good skill and more often than not this limits the ability of the client to understand what you are doing as such they usually have difficulty in telling someone about what you do. One of the things that is usually done to accomplish this is coming up with a system of your own on how you do your own process and how you look at things.

The series in general will be talking about how to conceptualize, design and evaluate the system. The advantages and disadvantages of the system. Basically the process of how you will be developing your own practice. This is also one of the ways that you will be able to realize where you would like to head through your practice in a way it will somehow be like creating a pathway for the future of your career.

I will be starting the series next week so stay tuned and if interested give my facebook page a like for constant updates.

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