Repetitions for prevention

swing 2Have you ever heard of the phrase an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure? Nowadays the health system is more focused on curing the problem when they appear than preventing them. So as allied health practitioners what would we be able to contribute to the prevention of common conditions? The answer is a lot isn’t it? We can help the human body to cope with the illness process such as being able to increase the healing process of the body, enhancing the flexibility and strengthening the muscles of the body. The problem is more often than not doing this limits the practitioner to a few clients per day and usually the clients get the impression that you only attend the practitioner’s sessions when you are injured and need some kind of a fix. As practitioners we can turn this thinking around so as to be able to help more people and in the long run be able to improve our practice by improving our treatment repertoire.

Upon entering the 20th century there is a trend in the health care community in which the medical community is trying to move the main focus of the treatment continuum from treating a condition to preventing a condition. As such we are seeing an increase in health supplements, gyms programs and five minute exercises. This emerging trend is of great interest especially to practitioners of allied medicine since basically we specialize in this field. As allied health professionals we typically influence the body to be able to optimally function by influencing the recovery cycle. As such we tend to refer to the clients problem not as a problem in itself but as a failure of the body to help itself get to optimal condition. As such we usually see clients either as a last resort or when conventional medicine has given up. This is not necessarily a bad thing in its own but currently there are things of interest allied health practitioners are going to the path of including other systems into their practice. Nowadays allied health practitioners are including systems such as pilates, yoga, and martial arts into their practices. The thing is by doing this you help more people achieve optimal health.

One topic of interest is that these systems seems to have a few things in common they repeat movements? Either these repeated movements have a movement framework or a posture to hold. As such movements can be either the cause of the problem as well as a solution in its own. You see the thing is the more the body can feel the small changes in the body the more it can adapt. That is one of the things lost in this day and age in which people just seem to spend their days without moving from the spot where they work or just tend to sit through out the transportation period. As such by reducing the sensations experienced by the body the body is unable to react that is why repetitive movements once put in the correct concept can help the body achieve optimal health.

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