Repeated movements? Repeated injuries?

swingHave you ever heard the phrase your job is your injuries? In this day and age injuries such as the tennis elbow at carpal tunnel syndromes happen a lot of times. These repeated injuries are one of the things that create funds for the budding therapist or clinic since they always seem to have some sort of problem and more often than not it is the same problem and once again you do the same thing and like magic it once again disappears only to appear again after a few weeks or months. If you are a therapist or an allied health practitioner you are well versed with the common cause of these things. If by chance you have not yet heard the cause of this common condition I shall give a brief description. These conditions are caused by over use of a part of the body as such that part fails as such you get either pain, limitation or discomfort. Have you ever wondered why these things seem to come back and sometimes they even come back with some other problems? How can these things be overcome? Is there something else aside from treating the problem?

When injuries tend to repeat itself over and over again it is an indication of over use of the body part but why did it fail in the first place. The curious thing about the body is that it works by a simple principle of give and take. What do I mean by give and take you ask? The body itself is affected by physics don’t you agree? As such every action has a reaction. Basically treating the problem is not enough when handling these conditions most of the time the injury appears because some other part of the body was not able to react properly as such the body part initially doing the action is also reacting on itself. Think of it this way you are asked to unload a truck what do you do? Usually there are two answers either you take the items don one by one yourself or ask a few person to help you unload the truck. The body works this way ideally the body should work as a group but when the body is unable to work as a group because the body is unable to react properly then the part fails. In the case of the person unloading the truck doing the action repeatedly will cause fatigue and eventually inability to move. This is why the problem keeps on appearing the body keeps on repeating the same cycle.

How can these things be overcome? The common answer to repeated injuries in the work place is placing the injured part in a resting position so as to allow the body part to rest and then buying those expensive ergonomic equipment. These things are not so bad they even get us some extra cash sometimes especially if the equipment is specially designed but aside from those what can we do? One of the time tested treatment is the improvement of the ability of the body to react by strengthening the body. You see strengthening helps decrease the recurrence of the injuries but they tend do just decrease them and most of the time this just buys the body some time to heal the injured part and more than often the pain just appears somewhere else like magic. The most neglected part of treating repetitive injuries is the ability of the body to react to itself. You see most training methods nowadays tend to just strengthen the muscle and not really address the coordination of each body part as such they do not know how to work together as a unit. The medical term usually used for this is the body awareness and this is typically used as a part of the training of eastern martial arts in which they always repeat a form or stance and the primary reason why the movements can be repeated for hours at a time is that practitioners try to know how these parts react to each other as such the sometimes the longer you practice the more relaxed you get which is the inverse of going to a gym for one hour then just collapsing in a bed afterwards. This is the reason that I am quite fond of the phrase know yourself and you are able to face an army.

Is there something we can do to address these? There a lot of ways to address these repetitive problem. One of the ways I am quite fond of is making use of the most simple exercise. You see the simple exercise of breathing seems simple but more often than not is one of the hardest exercises to teach and to put into practice but once this is done the repetitive problem just seems to solve itself although I usually do these exercises as a home exercise since it typically takes a lot of time and patience to do this.

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