For better movements learn to stop

StopEver heard of the newspaper dance? For those who have not heard of them they are basically it is a party game I which you dance on a newspaper when there is some sort of music playing and then stop when the music is somehow paused . The objective of the game is to stay on the newspaper as they progressively get folded by the organizers of the party. The game ends when there is only a pair left. I actually dread this game but did you know that you can make your exercises better if you stop them in between and I do not mean stopping the whole exercises.

Movement itself is a complex topic but the basic thing is that movements have a start and an end. Movements also generally follow a certain arch of movement. The interesting thing is what happens during the arch of movements. As a general rule there are many forces acting on a body or the parts of the body that is performing and not performing the movements. The forces are generally the weight of the body, the force it is producing, gravity and friction. For every movement or a piece of movement in the arch the relationship of all the forces in the certain body part remains dynamic and more often than not this dynamic relationship of the forces is commonly just disregarded in favor of performing the movement and just noting the ending and starting point of movement. This is not wrong in itself but there is more to movement that how many I can do and how heavy I can lift things.

The basic mechanism of the body is I only know something is happening if I can feel it. You see when the body does the movement the most common thing noticed by the person is the muscle beginning to tighten up and more often than not this is just put aside in favor of reaching the repetition quota. The thing is when you take your time in doing the movement the body gets more time to analyze the situation. The more information you can gather on the movement the more corrections you can make and the improvements in how the movement is performed is going to be phenomenal. This things are pretty much important in movements that loop or repeat themselves.

How is looping movement a problem? You see injuries are not just caused by big events they are more often than not caused by a chain reaction of small events. If you have ever thrown a pebble in a pond you notice that if you only throw one pebble it only causes a slow moving ripple but the more pebbles thrown the more ripples are produced. The small movement acts the same way. Initially the body will be able to act to the small injury caused by that movement but as the movement repeats itself the injury gradually becomes worse and eventually other parts compensate for that problem then eventually the person notices that there is already a small injury. As such the better the movement the less injuries will be developed.

So how does stopping the movement help improve the quality of movement? Once a movement is stopped at the specific arch in the movement in which the movement feels unstable the person is able to get further information on why the body part is unstable and keeping that body part in stable position for a certain amount of time registers the correct movement to the brain upon producing the same arch of movement next time. As such you produce better movement and save yourself unwarranted injuries.

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