Expired Exercises


I think everyone has been to the supermarket and have at least taken good from the shelves? I would like to assume that at least. Well moving on. What are the few things you notice after pulling the goods? I think you would notice things like the price, nutritional content and expiration date. I think these things matter most especially when you are talking about today’s price and health conscious culture. Almost everything nowadays have one thing in common they usually have time limits. It is also the same for exercises the exercises also somewhat expire after a time.

What do I mean when exercises expire? I do not mean that exercises go stale of that they just suddenly make you sick when you actually do the exercise again. You see the body usually adapts to an activity or exercise after 2-3 weeks of repeatedly doing it as such when this happens the effect of the exercise usually just plateaus or just remains the same. As such when this happens it is best to take a look at the exercise and either change it or modify the exercise. Usually when modifying the exercises either you maintain the primary exercises or add some steps to the exercises depending on the goal of the exercises.

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