Keeping a balance between income and satisfaction

ScaleOne of the most common problem of health care practitioners is balancing the income of the practitioner and the satisfaction of the customer. As usually the price of the service determines the customers that would appear but what if you can reach a balance of both worlds. Being able to manage your income while keeping the customers satisfied. As one of the key components of keeping your practice rolling is the ability to keep your clients satisfied. Also we will be talking about active income in this article not the type you get passively.

Generally there are four common types of services and their costings that would be beneficial to the practitioner and their practice. The first service that you should have are your specialized services these services can be placed in a high spending bracket since the will be pretty much the niche market of your practice. This service will noticeable have only a small amount of your clients but these clients will be providing quite a bit of your income. One of the good things of having this service is that they spread quite quickly among likeminded clients as such they grow slowly but would do you a lot of good in your practice. The second service that one should have is their regular services they would usually include the general assessment or those that would require services that you would only need to do once in a while specifically those techniques which cause drastic noticeable change in the client. This will be a bit higher than the third type of service and income that will help you run your practice. They can be priced a bit higher and would only be done when needed. The third type of service and practice are those that would want to have the services done at a constant rate but would not take quite a lot of time and the services are usually just for maintaining the wellness of the body as a whole. The clients would usually just be for health and wellness and would usually come from the second type of services that you would be offering. The clients would usually like it if you priced it as the second to the cheapest since this will be your primary source of income as these will be quite frequent but at a cheap cost. This would also get you more clients in the long run since having to see the client only a few times and not a lot of times per week would make it easier for the client to afford your service while maximizing your time as a practitioner. The fourth service is called the routine services these are the services that can be delivered in masses such as exercises and could be priced per group and would be a good way to get new clients.

Having these four services would help you keep your practice stable and keep the clients satisfied. Summarizing the income and client triangle you would be earning more from the first type of client but the first type would only be few in number. The first type of services would be statistically be only about 2-10% of your clients. The second service would usually be your second most profitable service but would only have at most only a third of the client population. The rest would be on the third and fourth type of services.

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