NumbersI have been reading business on a shoe string Marketing and PR by Philip Holden and Nick Wilde and I noticed something interesting that you might be able to use in the practice. I kind of have been doing this things in the past but haven’t put that much though into these things in the past. There are basically four types of clients. The first type of clients are those who go to you frequently because they find the service as a cheap service. The second type of client are those who go to you because they see your service as something essential to their lives.  The third type are those that go to you every once in a while because the service became important to them. The fourth type are those that go to see your service because they think you are the specialist in the field. Basically you won’t see these actual things in the book as the book talks about retail and stuff but these are what I came up with relating them to the health care system.

For the clients the first ones are those clients who just choose the cheapest service available in the area since basically they were just told that they have to get enrolled in the service because they needed them. The second type of client see your service regularly since they understand that the service is needed in their lives as such it is important to go to see you for one of your services. The third type of customer either has gone to you once or got somewhat relieved as such they did not go back for a follow up, avoided going to any practitioner until the problem blew up in their faces or went from practitioner to practitioner looking for an instant cure for the problem. The fourth one went to see your service because someone told them that you are the specialist at that field as such they should see you.

Generally everyone usually starts having the first customer first since basically we all start as someone on the bottom of the organizational chart as someone even not on the chart but basically the goal is to get the second type of client. Basically you will generally not meet these types of client right away since most of the clients that you will be meeting is the first type of client. How do you get the second type of clients?  The second type of client is a client that started from one of the other three types of clients that just noticed that your service is an important part of their lives. I think I would term this as a home grown client basically you draw people with your skills and water them with good customer service. That is how you would get the clients.

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