Stress and tightness

StressYou guys have probably heard of people going about why some part of then becomes sore and painful when they encounter stress full events or when something unintended happens. This is aside from having wounds and other stuff that can definitely and positively be the cause of pain. As such can stress be the cause of pain? Can stress cause tightness?

First of all what is stress? I think we would all agree that it would be some sort of strain whether physically or emotionally. I personally think this is more often than not caused not by someone else but they are often caused by ourselves to ourselves. Maybe this statement will only apply to me but getting back. Among those two strains present in stress the physical strain is surely the cause of pain and tightness. I mean during periods of stress we have habits of how we respond to stress. They are specific behaviors such as shrugging the shoulders and clenching of teeth. These things can possible cause tightness and pain due to having being used too much. Using a muscle too much makes the muscles become a lot stronger than the muscles pulling it and stabilizing it causes imbalance this cycle of repeatedly using them causes the imbalance in the body causing the body to respond by sending pain signals and the tightening of the fascia as a way to guard the area against further damage. This is why the physical response can cause pain.

So why would emotional stress cause pain and tightness. I mean it is all in the mind right. How does it appear as a physical symptom as pain and tightness? Basically this is because any stress causes the fascia to tighten up in areas specifically organs that respond to specific emotional reactions. This is why pain and tightness can appear as a physical symptoms. As a side note these symptoms do not appear immediately like the physical reaction. Repeated negative emotional reaction causes the effect to somehow build up through time as such eventually they get big enough that the body begins to send signals of pain and guards them against further injury by guarding them  and making the fascia tighter in that area.

This is why stress can appear as a physical presentation as a problem in the body and why good stress reduction techniques can help decrease the appearance of stress related physical symptoms in the body.

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