Peanut butter and Jelly

Peanut butter and jellyHave you ever tasted peanut butter and jelly? If you haven’t tried it yet try it, they taste great. I think the allied medicine and complementary medicine works like peanut butter and jelly. Individually they are good but together they make things a lot better. They make each other stand out even though they have their individual use as themselves. Having them together in the mix makes them enhance each other.

First of all Allied Medicine is designed to what the society agrees as a norm for the community. As such they seem to create a box and that anything outside that box they call norm they have to coral them in by getting them as close to the box as possible. Each individual allied medicine specialty considers a specific part of the box and as such works together to get the individual as close to the center of the box. What happens if the individual is to far off from the edge of the box itself? Those individual outliers are usually just placed under constant supervision or placed under constant treatment since according to whatever the reasoning is based they are just too far off from the box. What if the individual has been reeled in to the edge of the box and won’t fit in the box no matter what is done by the Allied medicine community? This is where the partnership of Allied medicine and complementary medicine works best. For the common goals of complementary medicine is to let the body heal itself to its optimal capabilities as such by giving the body a bit of a nudge sometimes it just wanders off by itself and it eventually ends up somewhere else other than where it is right now. This is where the beauty of complementary medicine comes in because if that individual is stuck somewhere in the box. By giving that individual a gentle nudge it is not necessarily that they will instantly get in the box but eventually they will get in a different place hopefully in the middle of the box.

This is the reason why I think Allied medicine and complimentary medicine is like peanut butter and jelly. They are great individually but become even better when together. This trend of Allied medicine and complementary medicine isn’t entirely base less in fact it works well in my own practice of pain management, dysphagia and stroke clients and they have been showing great results. I personally have heard of Occupational therapy practitioners using Bowen therapy and cranio-sacral on their kids with great results as such I think this is worth a shot.

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