Occupational Therapist

Occupational TherapistWhat is an Occupational Therapist? Back when I was still in the Philippines whenever the word occupational therapist comes up, it is always followed up by these words. So you work with kids. I guess in a sense that is a good sign since we are being acknowledged as a legitimate profession known to the general public but aside from kids we do a whole lot more than that.

An occupational therapist generally makes use of activities and occupation so as to make the client become optimally functional despite having a condition. As such we generally go through a huge range of clients going through the different ages although I guess we are best known for handling kids. We generally make use of activities that are important to the client so as to make the client functional and we do this by creatively solving the problems of the client guided by models of thinking. The usual end goal of the therapy session is to get the client back to what they were doing before the condition or get them as close to the norm as possible. That is basically the shortest explanation that I can think of at the top of my head right now. Occupational Therapist generally work in three common specializations which are the pediatric, physical and psychologic conditions. These are the general paths that OT’s generally gravitate towards to. Also the occupational therapist generally go to the pediatric specialization since they are the ones that generate a good amount of cash flow. For now there have been more specializations available to the occupational therapist now. The other specializations are splinting, burns and wounds, sports and recreation and dysphagia. I might have skipped some of them so if I skipped some of them sorry and tell me what I skipped in the email or the Facebook page. One of the common things that are happening around the world is that occupational therapist are gaining access to more and more abilities as to how they can help clients. Some occupational therapist in Asia has begun to use complementary therapy in the treatment of clients in conjunction with their occupational therapy skills. I think I have heard of Occupational therapist making use of Bowen and Cranio Sacral Therapy in the management of kids and they produce amazing results in improving their lives and bringing them back as close to the norm. P

ersonally I think you can make use of anything to improve your practice as long as you can help a person live out their lives as best as they can and that is okay. The more you can offer to the client the better your practice and the more you can offer as a therapist.

Are manual skills limited to physical therapist? Nope manual therapy as the name sake is manual skills are not limited to physical therapist. Anybody can make use of manual skills even people without medical backgrounds can do them although they do seem to have to do some orientation as to what their limitations are but the point is any allied medical can learn those skills as long as you learn them from somebody who would willingly teach them to you otherwise you would only be learning the techniques. I mean anybody can replicate an action but does that action really do some good. Most manual therapy techniques as what I have been saying is skill based.

For those thinking about specializing. Try to find trainings that interest you and lead you to those specializations do not go to some training or seminars because someone told you to specialize in them. Doing things without being interested in what you are doing will only get you so far but learning thigs that interest you will lead you somewhere you would not have dreamed of.

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