Tiny Huge Movements

movingAre you aware that your body moves? I do not mean the regular walking and running. I mean everything in your body moves whether you start or stop doing something. This is practically how the body moves it is one giant moving hodgepodge of small moving parts. Kind of like the Lego blocks that constantly move so as to allow a normal human being to move and survive the everyday life.

For a human to be able to move each small part of the moving parts of a human body tends to move in a certain pattern and these things happen at a constant pace and does not need human concentration, well pretty much does not need concentration. By now I am pretty sure you guys are lost. I shall explain myself in a bit. You see for a human to move he should eat, breathe and move. To be able to do these things the human body needs more than just the regular input from the brain. The body has its own brain and helps work with the main brain, the thinking brain. One example of this is the simple act of breathing for a human to breathe he should first bring down the diaphragm then this triggers a cascade of events. Normally after the diaphragm goes down the ribs accommodate for the decreased air pressure in the lungs which allows you to get air then the lungs pushes air out. Aside from the lungs almost every organ then gets moved by this event. Those small things move in a certain fashion guided by the fascia which are practically preprogrammed since birth. The organs, blood vessels, lymphatics, nerves and bones move just by having this small trigger. Having one part of the body move causes other parts to move as such it is like a big orchestra or the soldier battalion. Having one part working properly help other parts of the body to work well and having parts that move improperly affects the other parts as well. Any small problem builds up in small intervals and eventually appears as a big problem.

How do you know that the parts are moving properly? I am going to be referring to the works of Jean Pierre Barral and Chikly. The body is set to move at a certain pattern since birth and to be able to live to the fullest these small movements need to be maintained. These movements help the body to heal itself as such any deviations from the normal movements of the small parts of the body can hinder its capability to heal itself. How are these small movements disrupted these are disrupted by a lot of things such as stress, improper movement patterns, injuries, emotions, lack of sleep and the lack of water and nutrients.

How do you make the small movements follow the normal pattern once more? To make the movements return to normal you bring balance to the force! That is a star wars reference by the way. Basically one of the ways to bring the small parts to move properly is to see a therapist basically they try to bring the body back to the optimal condition by ensuring that these parts move properly. I like the part that this makes osteopaths seem like a Jedi of some sort. We bring balance to the body! Anyway aside from those one of the things you can do is to engage in exercises as long as these exercises encourage proper breathing and form these usually do the job. Personally if you ask me go to an osteopath first to get the basic movements of the parts fixed first before you go engage in exercises for maintenance of these movements.

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