Nerves of Steel

Nerves of steelHave you ever wondered what it feels like to have nerves of steel? I can tell you one thing in life it is not good to have nerves of steel. Basically the nerves themselves move at with a certain movement pattern governed by neuro dynamics. These are that they cannot stretch, they are connected at the ends and that they typically glide at the joints.

Basically having nerves of steel causes a lot of problems. First of all since nerves themselves need to move and that they do not stretch and cannot be stretched or they break. Any restrictions in the mobility of nerves translates into limitations in the mobility of the joints. If you have ever tried to stretch the joints and after releasing them they just seem to return to their initial positions like they are attached like some sort of rubber. Most likely the nerves themselves are caught somewhere within the tracts and are limiting the joints movements. Second is that the nerves are attached at the ends as such and problem in the length of the nerve can appear somewhere else outside the site of the problem. Also this type of problems sometimes appears as multiple small patches of pain that seem to vanish when soft tissues or massages are done on them and they seem okay for the next day or a few hours after. Check the nerves basically they just might be stuck somewhere. This problem can also present as a limitation in movement since any faulty movement might get the nerves stuck somewhere as such sometimes no matter how loose you get the soft tissue and nerves the limitation or pain still remains because the tricky part is that sometimes the muscles tend to guard a certain injury site and they get the nerves caught up in between and as such they get stuck with the muscles contraction. These problems can also appear when the fascia itself guards a problem area the nerve itself gets caught in it.

How you know if there are problems with the mobility of the nerves? Basically the text book answer is if there is tingling sensation in the movement. That answer is not wrong but more often than not having these symptoms means that the nerve has been compressed for eons as such they might be experiencing damage physically. Another answer is try to treat the muscles, fascia and bone and if none of this works it might probably be a nerve although this method is not so accurate enough and is practically an educated guess. Usually to check if the nerves are limited there are some length tension test for the nerves and if any length tension test appear to cause pain, limitation or appear to cause the symptom that is pretty much the nerve that is implicated and it is only a matter of time as to try to find where the actual limitation is. Remember that sometimes there is more than one nerve that is implicated but a bunch of nerves specially. As such sometimes you have to consider the nerve roots and other stuff. As to how to treat these types of conditions basically this is a pull or push or a exercise and will need quite a bit of training and practice for you to do this successfully but this is one of the more personally satisfying and most used technique in my arsenal as such it is worth the cash to learn this one.

Once the mobility of the nerve is restored do they appear again? Once an injury has occurred more often than not they tend to return since basically it is the body’s way of trying to protect itself from injury. As such after treating this types of condition giving exercises is one of the things that I would usually give as a home exercise of sorts. I prefer those exercises which integrate breathing and movements since these things do wonders.

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