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Inflating FacebookI was reading how to make money with social media by Jamie Turner and found somethings that might be of use to us therapist. As therapist we do not really have that extra luxury of paying for paid ads or making use of newspaper prints. So how do we maximize our advertisements?

So according to Jamie Turner to maximize social media exposure you should make use of the qualities of each social media platform as such I will be placing how the platform s work and how often do you need to update those platform to maximize exposure.

For Facebook is one of the platforms generally used and accepted by the large segment of the population. To maximize Facebook you need to frequently update your page but the advantage is you do not have to be too uptight about it. It is more easily likened to a pub than other areas since it is a casual place where you can talk about what happened during the week or tell people where you are last week. If you are using this platform make sure that the titles are a bit catchy.

For Twitter it is strength is that it is more like a running conversation as such it is more likened to a cocktail party. If you have been to a cocktail party you will be most likely in formal wear. To make use of twitter you have to make your responses professional and update frequently since it is basically a feed site of what you are doing now.

For You tube it is strength is that the more flashy you are the more people might go to your page and view your videos. You tube is more like a gathering of people and that only those who can make themselves stand out can pretty much benefit from this. If ever you are using this be sure to include an identifiable feature for example the man who wears a straw hat so as to make you more noticeable and for easier identification.

For those using the blog a blog is like a digital magazine usually presented in an informal style. To maximize blogs you should update these blogs frequently according to Jamie Turner these things need to be update two to five times a week.

Basic reminder when you are using these platforms you are sure to encounter comments positive and negative ones the key is to acknowledge these ones and always be polite and friendly.

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how to make money with social media by Jamie Turner

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