Yin and Yang: Finding seminars

Training programFor all those therapist out there more often than not we have been to some seminars or training? Have you ever wondered how to know if the training it -self is good or not? How to know if the seminar or training is worth spending some money for? Any suggestions on where to get quality training?

One of the primary ways for a therapist to improve in their skills to attend some of the seminars. To know if the training are good here are some things that I have found out through out trying to find this out. Here are a few tips from your truly on how to know if a training is worth spending a fortune on. First of all before you attend a training know why you are going to a training or seminar? If ever you are going to that training because you are just forced by your company then you better just give the slot to someone else or better yet just head to a good park somewhere and sleep. I like to spend time with nature it makes me feel that energized feeling after sleeping on the grass just make sure there are no ants specially the red ones their bites last for quite a long time. Anyway getting back to the point go to a training because you would want to take some knowledge in the memory banks or your brain. Attending the seminar with the right mindset will also set your brain to notice a lot of new things since basically in learning and anything in life intention is everything. Second thing to check in a training or seminar is if they take the time to explain the principles or the basis of the technique some history about it won’t hurt also. The reason being a lot of techniques just appear to be the same thing altogether and knowing the principles will help you reach a eureka moment and then the best thing is you go home with the feeling I know what happened during that technique. If you just go home feeling that the speaker is good but basically he did that, these and those happened but he was just so good. I think you just wasted your time since you basically went there to learn something else about the technique and not to know more about the speaker. Third thing is, if it is a technique based seminar or training the smaller the number of the participants the better. The reason being the smaller number of participants gets you more time to spend with the trainer. I do not mean getting closer to the trainer but getting hands on instruction from the trainer. This actually helps you know how to do the technique better since before you can make the technique your own you have to master the technique first. Forth thing is that there is a hands on training from the trainer or at least one of his helpers ideally there is one trainer per ten participants so as to get a feel of what the technique is about and whether you ae doing something wrong or if there is a better way of doing the techniques. Remember that while helping others is good you also need to keep yourself in tip top shape or else you might be treating yourself more. The fifth thing that you should look for is a training manual since you will more than likely forget things if you do not have one of these as a guide or they should at least give some pictures on how to do these techniques. These pieces of paper will also be a good place to put your notes. The six thing that you should look for is whether the trainer answers any question that you ask about the technique with confidence. I mean why would you want someone who do not have complete grasp on the technique to teach you? It is like asking for an egg benedict and the chef just gives you a fried egg since basically he does not know what those are. I f the trainer is like that better just learn by watching videos. The last thing is the trainer offers on-going support those things are a big plus since there are things that might be a gray area as such this thing my help you a lot and all of the good training I went to offer these. So these are the things that I find were in a good training program.

How will I know if the technique will benefit me or will it fit my practice? The best thing is to find a practitioner of the technique and ask some questions or maybe get them to do them on you just to get a feel of them. If you ate not sure which will be beneficial then you might want to go to those events which showcase a sneak peek of the techniques. As such if you are in the Philippines I believe there is a convention on the 23 to 24 of April 2016 so this is a good venue to learn about the techniques and how you are able to improve your practice with them.

As to suggestions as to where to get quality techniques here are some suggestions. I would just like to point out that this is just my personal opinion on these seminars and that I was not paid to endorse any of these. If any of you are from these organizations. Hi I would appreciate free seminars. Anyway I have attended these seminars and they  were pretty sweet. For manual therapy techniques the S.O.M.A.T.I.C Philippines and the Manual Circle offer hands on training on a myriad of techniques which will definitely help you in your practice. For specialized techniques for Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation there is the PNF International, for the mulligan concept and yes it is a concept there is Mulligan International and for spinal manipulation Goodrum Seminars. These organizations offer some of the best I have seen so far. I will be placing their websites or Facebook links below for ease of access.



Manual Circle


PNF International


Mulligan Concept


Goodrum Seminars


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