Making your practice sustainable

ProgressSustainability is one of the common targets of the big organizations nowadays. But what is sustainability? Sustainability is basically in simple terms making more use of the productive activities of the company and creating less waste from those activities. For big companies like Sony they call this the zero environmental impact or they try to lessen the trash that they create when creating their products by making use of their trash in creative ways as such decreasing the trash that gets disposed. How does this affect health practitioners and clinics?

For health practitioners most likely the focus of your practice is making the clients feel better or trying to reduce the impact of their physical problems and making them at least be able to indulge in activities of their choosing thus helping them achieve better quality of life. I think this is where most of the health practitioner’s income comes from. What happens when you run out of clients? How do you make use of the time with no clients? When analyzing the practice of my peers and your truly. We back then when we were starting were practically struggling to have our own client base as such when there is no client we earn nothing. So as a health practitioner the basic waste that we produce is not waste products that we can recycle they are the time and effort. So as a health practitioner to make your practice sustainable what do you have to do? One of the saddest things that happens that centers that I have been through is treating the clients even though there is already no improvements instead of just having the clients do home exercises and just see them one a blue moon. This tactic is commonly used and usually just burdens the family financially or the center just becomes a venue in which the client just gets left to get someone to watch over the client which is not always to the benefit of the client since they just lose the ability to decide for themselves and they just get swept up by this attempt to get money to sustain the clinic. So for sustainability what are some things that a therapist can do to reduce wasted time and effort. So here are some things that I have seen some therapist do so as to reduce the wasted time and effort.

First of all you may want to look into prevention of the progression of the condition or just activities that can help boost a person’s wellbeing. Right now the world is becoming a world in which health is becoming a commodity. So this is one of the ways you can make your practice sustainable is getting into this market although this will be requiring you to take some extra training or courses but it will be good use of your time. So basically in this way you get to offer services which cost a lot less than the usual rehabilitation session since most wellness programs usually can be done as a group as such you get to accomplish two things much better. First of all you get to spread your name quite faster than the normal. Second you make use of your time much efficiently. Lastly you can make use of someone’s unused space efficiently so you get to help someone.

Another way to make your practice sustainable is to make whatever you learned in practicing your craft a means to teaching other. Sometimes to help yourself you have to help someone else. In this way you help someone make their practice better by sharing whatever you learned. You can accomplish this through many ways one of them is coming up with your own book or training manual. This way you help other improve their practice also and give some additional knowledge to the medical field.

Last of all one thing that you can do to make your practice sustainable is to partner with your local community. This way you make efficient use of your time and get a lot of practice. This also gets you recognition from your local community. An example of this is a physical therapist offering his services in a sports fest. This last step may at first be for free eventually this practice might get you either more clients or a better position to market your practice.

There are still plenty of ways to make your practice sustainable but these are the practical ways of doing it. As such in making your practice better you more often than not make your practice sustainable, but this path takes sacrifice, discipline and some of your time.

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