Important part of treatment

What do you think is the important part of treatment? Is it how good the therapist with the technique? How good the therapist is with the execution of the technique with the best body mechanics possible? Is it how good the therapist explains the technique to the client? How friendly the therapist is to the client? This article is going to cover the things that I think is the most important part of treatment.

Every treatment is a puzzle piece that needs to be solved and solving them requires many different approaches but is it important to know which part of the puzzle goes to where or is it important to know the big picture of the puzzle first so as to be able to complete the puzzle. Personally I would want to see what the puzzle looks like at first than knowing where the first part of the puzzle falls on and these two techniques for solving a puzzle has its won positive and negative sides to it. So why am I talking about puzzles right now you ask? Every client is its own puzzle as such every person is not the same puzzle. As such every person is different in a complex kind of way as such there is no one size fits all solution to a puzzle. As such knowing what sort of puzzle you are trying to solve might help you solve the puzzle.Puzzle

I think that the assessment is more important than how good you are with a technique. No matter how good you are with a certain manual therapy or allied medical technique as long as you do not get the proper answer as to what you are trying to solve more often than not you will not be able to solve the problem. This is pretty much evident in all the world class seminars that I have been through they would pretty much emphasize that taking time with the assessment or proper assessment per se would save you time and increase the number of your clients in time. So if you are a new therapist or a client if you see your therapist taking their time with assessing you properly then more often than not they would be able to tell you the problem and be able to give it a proper solution as well. As an added bonus if the assessment is properly done the therapist can prevent it’s recurrence as well.

As to how to do assessments there are many types of assessments around the world these days but take note that not all assessments works properly and as I have said in my previous articles the success of the assessment is dependent on three variables and those are the client, therapist and the assessment method. As to what types of assessments are there , there are those that you do separate from the actual treatment and those that you do at the same time as the treatment. As for the specifics they will be discussed some other time.

As such do the assessment properly and more often than not you will solve the problem area. The skill with the techniques matter as well but do not have as much weight as having to do the assessment correctly.

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