My New Zealand Story


I am Ivan Cristobal an occupational therapist of the Philippines and one of the first people to integrate manual therapy and osteopathy in occupational therapy practice in the Philippines and this is my story, my New Zealand Story.

My New Zealand story starts way back 2014 where I have been attending those events in which they showcase the schools in Australia, New Zealand and Europe and if I am not mistaken they are sponsored by UKEAS and personally I began going there not because of the schools. I began going to the events by UKEAS just because it was near those restaurants that I have never been to and it was always fun to talk to various people with different accents but never the less it got me interested in studying somewhere else. I believe this happened while I was still trying to finish my off shore course in osteopathy. By some twist of fate or an act of God my parents asked me if I would like to study in abroad since there were some resources available so I prayed about it and decided that if I apply and my credentials somewhat get to the stage where I get to apply to the school then it is God’s will that I go. For some weird twist of fate or hand of got I suddenly got in touch with Fortrust and lo and behold my paper were okay and I somewhat began the application process. After this began a friend told me that he would also like to try applying for a course and told me that I should give this organization a try. This is the part I met LM Global. My good friend Stanley Lanting back then told me that I should look into LM Global to see if it is a legitimate company and things and I did out of curiosity. The first person that I was able to talk to at first was Gee Dela Cruz. She was a helpful person and while talking to her everything she said about the application coincides with the Fortrust orientation as such I was able to come to the conclusion that this is a legitimate company. So after I told Stanley that this seems legitimate and that the fees are lower at first I was still going to go with Fortrust but what got my attention is that the owner of the company Larry Marundan was a family friend of the Lanting, I decided to give it a go. During the application process of the visa and the first few weeks of my Stay in New Zealand LM Global was really helpful specially during the times that I am still trying to get a grasp of how to adjust to living in New Zealand. They provided me with the necessary items such as the AT hop card, Transportation from the airport, New Zealand Sim card and how to apply for a bank account. Nishant Gupta, one of LM Global’s staff , was especially helpful in driving me around the place and staying by me during my failed job interviews and I am grateful for these things. These 8 months of my stay in New Zealand I was really happy with the help given by LM Global and because of their help I was able to learn about Russian Systema from Systema Auckland, Aikido, Aunkai and Kashima from The Calm and Storm dojo as well as meeting a lot of people in the process. I case you were wondering what happened to Stanley Lanting he did not push through in the application process.

To sum it up with the help of my flat mates, friends, teachers and LM Global my stay in New Zealand is a blast and is a part of my life that will be a part of me in the years to come. This is my New Zealand Story.



LM Global Immigration Solutions:

Calm and Storm Martial Arts:

Systema Auckland:



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