breathI think we would all agree that breathing is one of the primary functions of the body. Primarily it provides the body with the primary component to sustain life which is the air we needed to survive but other than that are you aware that breathing does more than just that. I will be giving you an idea as to what other benefits are provided by breathing.

Breathing is pretty much the passive action of the lungs and are pretty much controlled by how much carbon dioxide is present in the lungs but aside from that are you aware that there are faulty and correct breathing patterns. For that the incorrect breathing patterns are the breathing that makes use of the small muscles of the body and the correct one which makes use of the diaphragm. As to why these are important the lungs need to have a negative pressure as such it needs some muscles to help the lungs generate negative pressure inside by allowing the area around the lungs to expand which draws in air. The incorrect breathing pattern tends to cause the small muscles to overexert itself since they are not the ones supposed to be doing that job as such they send signals of discomfort or pain as such they are sometimes the cause of pain. These are some of the reasons why even though you have been able to get rid of a problem source the pain just seems to return after a few weeks. The correct breathing pattern of the body is drawing in air by lowering the diaphragm this draws the lungs down so as to lower the pressure inside the lungs so as to be able to draw air. Remember the not all people who have improper breathing experience pain. If you were able to read the previous articles you would notice that I said that one part of the body is connected with almost every part of the body due to the tensegrity principle. If the body is well balanced the body will be able to manage the improper breathing pattern without having any affectations. So basically having pain during breathing happens to almost everyone who have body imbalances as such breathing usually helps in lessening the pain experienced by the person.

Breathing is also pretty much helpful in pain that appears during movements or sudden movements. During my practice there were some pains what were pretty much not present during rest and regular activities but they just tend to appear during sudden movement. You see the diaphragm is an important part of the core muscles as such if you were to take note of so a lot of eastern martial arts they tend to focus on static movements such as squatting while keeping normal breathing then moving on to moving slowly while breathing before going towards those lightning fast movements. You see when the movements become fast and staggered pain appears because the body is now unable to stabilize itself as such they tend to get some other muscles to stabilize it and as I said earlier if this happens the body sends pain signals since the parts might already be experiencing micro-trauma and these things compound in time as such having the person maintain proper breathing while doing rigorous activities is a big plus and as an additional feature they tend to be able to perform a lot better.

Breathing also keeps the organs moving. If you were going to take a look at Barral’s works you would notice that the organs move in a certain pattern. They tend to walk around your house at night when you are asleep. Jokes aside they move in a certain pre-determined manner following the unfolding of the cells of your birth. It is also helpful to take note that these organs do not move by themselves they move because of the fascial network they are suspended in. The proper breathing helps them to move in the abdominal cavity since the organs are suspended by the fascial network and some of them are attached to the diaphragm. As such just having proper breathing can help alleviate pain due to some pain being caused by the organs being stuck in a certain position.

The last one is that breathing can help in draining the lymphatic fluid from the body. I am pretty sure I haven’t seen this in any book yet as such do not take my work for it but I have seen this in quite a lot of clients and myself as well. If you would look at the anatomy of the abdominal cavity you would see some small connection of vessels one of them is the cisterna chyli which is the primary drainage of the axial part of the body. If you were to encounter the works of Chikly you will notice that one of his techniques for draining the lower limbs is making use of breathing while applying pressure to the cisterna chyli and then suddenly letting go of the cisterna chyli at a certain point of breathing. This technique effectively drains the lymph fluid from the lower extremity and the area around the stomach. This gave me the idea that breathing might somehow help the body drain its lymph fluid while lowing aside from the muscles acting as pumps or it might be able to increase the drainage of lymphatic fluid.

As such these are the other functions of breathing just in case you might want to know I usually do this as a home exercise and not as a part of the session since this takes time for the client to learn this.

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