Sword swingSince the beginning of time humans were moving. This is one of the undisputable truths in the world. I would believe this truth would be right next to the truth where you will die if you do not breathe. Have you noticed that we nowadays seem to have a lot of unknown body pain here and there and that is why we are having quite an increase in the number of people taking painkillers. Taking that into consideration are movements good for you? Also it might be prudent to ask why we are experiencing more pain now than on the past centuries.

This is my opinion and as such they are not are not completely backed up by science yet in case you would want to take this up as a study be my guest. I think that movements are good for you first of all we would need some exercise daily as such we would need to move. Also if you are going to look at the human body we are  full of joints as such we have a wide range of movement options as such it might be prudent to say that humans are made to move. Looking at it logically things that are not made to move effectively do not have joints take a tree for instance even though it sways in the wind it is not really made to move quite a lot. As such if humans are made to move why we are experiencing pain after a few minutes of doing that movement. That would be due to the repetitive strain on the muscles that would need to have contractions or more effectively you might not be using the correct muscles for example we get really sticky back pain after lifting heavy things from the ground more than probably because we are using the wrong set of muscles. In simple terms when you are lifting objects you might want to make use of bigger muscles in lifting than using the small muscles. This is the reason why we would like people to lift from the squatting position and not lift objects by bending forwards then grunting like batman. Also one of the reason we might be experiencing pain is that we tend to favor one side of the body we call this by a lot of terms. Sometimes they are called dominant hand, preferred hand and other things, so why does this sometimes cause pain you ask. Simple if you constantly use one side of the body the strength of one side of the body becomes stronger than the other side as such we sometimes encounter what we call muscle imbalance. Now the imbalance does affect everyone but it does not show up in everyone. The human body is made to adapt it is one of the redeeming qualities of the simple human being and that is why we somehow made it to the modern era by God’s grace and other things. It is just that sometimes the human body just fails to adapt to the imbalance as such we get to the point that out body tells us to avoid doing those painful movements and stick to the unpainful movements which is sometimes the cause of more bodily pain. So how do we combat the pain in that aspect? Every person has different reactions and as such each problem needs to be solved like some sort of puzzle in which you have to properly fill in what is missing so as to make the person optimally functional and they live happily ever after. Personally those exercises that say do these exercises and your back pain might magically disappear might or might not work, if possible you might benefit from some supervision at first if you are trying some new exercise or activity out.

Now regarding the question are we experiencing more pain than in the past centuries. Taking a brief notice of what we see in history. We come about a lot of pain relief techniques in the past noticeably the healing techniques of the Chen style of Tai Chi, recovery breathing of aikido, the body mind integration of Kashima, the healing technique of Kalimasada, medicinal cuisine of the Chinese and the usage of electric eels of the Greeks. Now knowing this we see that pain has been there from ages immemorial. Remembering my martial arts teacher in China he often said do not argue with 4000 years of history you will lose. I do not mean just believe everything I say about pain but see things through scrutinizing eyes. These statements stem from the martial arts that I have encountered through the years. So why are we having an increase in the incidence of pain. I think that we have just been more vocal in the recent years for as you can see we seem to get easy connection with other people nowadays with the use of the internet. So pain is not new so what are the possible causes of pain in relation to movements? The answer to that is multifactorial but generally I say based on what I have encountered breathing, lack of water, poor body posture, poor execution of technique, improper strengthening of muscles are some of the things that come to the top of my mind now. On how to address those things are an entirely different topic.

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