Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing

Have you ever tried Facebook or twitter? In one of the articles I have come across it seems that a lot of people have heard or at least have used a social media program. Personally most of the people that I know of are at least using a social media platform. So how do you use Social media as a marketing tool? Most of us health professionals have probably posted something like opening a clinic or so cases in the internet. How should health professionals actually market themselves by using social media?

For social media marketing you should first have a face so as to be able to market yourself. When I say face I am not talking about the face you look at in the mirror when you wake up. So what face am I talking about? The face I am talking about is your brand? Now what is a brand it is something that symbolizes your business and what your business stands for it can either be a name a logo or a tagline or all of the above. For others to know who you are you should first know who you are.

For social media marketing it is not” I will choose one platform and that is the end of the story”. The process is a trial and error process as such you should have an idea of different platforms available. There are a lot of platforms available now. For now I will be giving you a few examples of the platforms from the top of my head as of the moment. For the blogging platforms you might one to try blogspot or word press. For the social media platforms there are Facebook and Tweeter. For the electronic mail platforms Gmail and Yahoo mail.

After creating the brand what should I do? After creating the brand it will not necessarily take flight or be successful all of a sudden. Success needs time as such you should work so as to make the brand your own then make it known. To make the brand known you should control the brand. Basically when I mean control the brand you are only going to make statements that reflect your brand and what your brand represents. Remember the reputation of the brand is important so do not just keep spewing random messages. Make sure that each message represents your brand, This will help you build your brands identity.

One of the strong points of social media marketing is the ability to have real time conversations with the client. So what is the difference between a phone call and lets say Facebook is the ability of the person to answer questions at a large scale. Remember to answer the same question a lot of time is time consuming and time now is weighed in gold. So better to answer questions in large scale. Social media also allows you to answer personal questions of a lot of people at the same time. It is the reason why Facebook places typically answers within the day or rarely answer so as to encourage conversations from the user or reader.

How do I start marketing using social media as a marketing tool. First of all set objectives do not be dis-heartened when you do not reach your objectives remember social media marketing is a trial and error process so as to reach your target audience. Now when you are making your brand make it specific to what you would want to market make it easy to understand. The primary goals is to accumulate likes and followers.

For further readings

The Power of Real-Time Social Media Marketing(2011)  by Beverly Macy and Teri Thompson




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